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C - Meet the Night

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>>Art © Nimiszu 2020 
Program-- Procreate for iPad, Photoshop | Time-- x
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M E E T   T H E   N I G H T


Commission for a private client.

Inspired by precious memories, places, and objects, musical and whimsical in nature, under the starry sky.
What a challenging treat this was, working with rich and deep purples/reds/pinks for a change! It's been a while since I used a palette so dominantly red, bringing more landscape elements in, in this way <3

I'm open for commission! This is a full landscape digital painting; message me to discuss your project.
I'd love to hear your ideas and capture them in a dreamy painting like this :heart:

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Feel free to comment as well, I really appreciate them! Thanks for viewing my art~

Please do not alter, re-upload, or redistribute without my written permission! Not for free use.
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© 2021 Nimiszu
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AbdouBouam's avatar

Gorgeous scenery and use of colors! :O

Nimiszu's avatar

Thanks thanks :D :la:

Bandarai's avatar

Absolutely in love with this one. The sky, the colours, the details, aaaahh! :heart:

Nimiszu's avatar

So happy you enjoy this one wow! <33 Thank you Bandarai :D

dpcdpc11's avatar

looks really good!

Nimiszu's avatar

Ah hello! Thank you so much :D Also it's been a long while, how have you been?^^

dpcdpc11's avatar

You're welcome, Nim 😉

It's been a while and a crazy year. I'm OK now... Glad to be alive and everything considering these ugly times. I've been through the Covid-19 roller-coaster in December but I'm still not over it psychologically.

How are things on your end?

Hope you and your family are well and healthy.

Nimiszu's avatar

It indeed has! So much has happened, lots of change and challenges- things brought to light and situations that are so overwhelming. Stepping back and taking care of yourself and your loved ones is important-- this past year isn't something that we can just move past so easily. Take all the time you need :aww:

And yeah it's been quite something. Lots of plans changed and work/life is tricky, less than ideal, but we're doing all we can. Just gonna continue on and do our best to stay safe. Hope you and your family are well and healthy now too!

dpcdpc11's avatar

You're so right about this. It will definitely be a year to remember!

Me and my family are safe now and hopefully we'll stay that way.

Wish you all the best and eagerly following your work 😉

Nimiszu's avatar

For sure! And that's great to hear then^^ I appreciate it too, wishing you all the best as well for your work! :love:

leiyue's avatar
I love these colors ahdhsj and the details in the sky are really beautiful <3
Nimiszu's avatar

Awh I appreciate it a lot Meiyue! Thank you <33

LlanellaWhatCake's avatar

This is so gorgeous ^-^! I really love the colors you used in the sky :D! You captured the feeling of old memories really well :)

Nimiszu's avatar

Thank you so very much! I’d usually think of more muted, calm colours when thinking of old memories, but I wanted to go for something in the other direction this time, darker and brighter. So it means a lot that this feeling would come across :aww: :heart:

LlanellaWhatCake's avatar

You're welcome ^-^!

I really like that over muted colors, actually! When I think of childhood memories, normally it reminds me of vibrant things because of our wild imaginations as kids :D

Nimiszu's avatar

Ahh I see! That makes a lot of sense too, recalling the wonder and adventures being kids :D

GerrardWilde's avatar

So beautiful! ❤️

Nimiszu's avatar

Thank you so much! :love:

GerrardWilde's avatar

You are welcome. :)

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