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Payton's Pokemon Pals



Don't ask why, but it's been sort of a tradition to name my Pokemon character Payton. I've been playing through Pokemon Black recently (I've got 7 badges now!) and I thought it'd be fun to draw a group shot of the team I use most. We've got...

Gamabunta the Seismitoad
Quezacotl the Sigilyph
E-Liz the Eelektrik
Torchlight the Lampent
Punchy the Sawk
Smugleaf the Serperior

EDIT: I decided to add some color to this drawing. Since my tablet's not working, I had to do this part with the mouse... and man, how did I ever survive without my tablet for so long!? Trying to do this with the mouse felt like trying to draw with my left hand. x.x; I need to get my tablet fixed asap! :p

Drawn March 13 , 2011
Various characters, Pokemon Black & White
1 hour 30 minutes, Pen & Ink
2 hours 30 minutes, Coloring with the mouse in Photoshop
Image size
1976x1345px 2.25 MB
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8D cool team!