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Tyrannosaurus Trump by Nimbus9 Tyrannosaurus Trump :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 1 3
The brash, the belayed, the beloved
Where once we pranced with pride in our angst,
To scoop the teen harden night,
Listening to hair bands, with our winter's whiten skin, redden
Under bedazzled 80's wear and worse hair
With the ebbs and flows of time and tide,
With my family now, in my dorky father wear,
We lay in the hug of the sand, and watch the sky explode on so many 4ths,
and helped my children's baby toes dip to the infinite ocean,
holding them, so they can feel the sea and the safety in me ,
and for the wanting tickets of Arcadia, I'm a millionaire in Funtown tokens,
for a million more you can "win" your millionth stuff animal,
Where what's consumed, we roamed, hand holding my many loves,
The brash, the belayed, the beloved….gone
:iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 1 0
Current and Carried by Nimbus9 Current and Carried :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 2 0 ToothAche Robot by Nimbus9 ToothAche Robot :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 2 1 Poor King by Nimbus9 Poor King :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0 Making Tea by Nimbus9 Making Tea :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 1 cat by Nimbus9 cat :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 1
Dads dead
      Dad drunk,
Dad’s taking me fishing long that forgotten creek,
there’s Indian skulls in the bushes, and we’re partners and pals in the Western way,
  Dad pissing on the floor of the fireman’s hall,
  feeling up the nurses in the old folks home,
arms bundled in gifts, magic making, dreaming the wide white catholic guilt,
   we’re ruddy little peasants farming dirt out Europe's end,
   we’re mining deep in Pennsylvania til our lungs grow coal,
                                        and smoking cigarettes when they don’t
  Dad’s dreaming,
talking with the ancients in the serial chat of disappointment,
eyes unfocused on the world onto the heaven we hope awaits,
did I tell you I loved you today?
Yes, Dad you did
     Said you jump right my crib,
:iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0
Where Once by Nimbus9 Where Once :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0
temple of the eternal refill
Bars of soap, the 8 pack of toilet paper,
things you think will last forever,
like the Costco coffee,
the jar that graduated to a jug,
as a child I just assumed the scoop came with the can,
now I'm scoopless as a grownup
wandering through room-to-room
railroad style home,
waiting for the train to claim me,
I mark the months by empty toothpaste tubes
and papertowels, each garbage bag grabbed is closer to the end,
each bottle fodder for the recycling bin
so I try to time the absence together,
hair cuts, the need for razor blades,
the wear of my shoes,
aligned like the great conjunction of planets,
with my pay, and all the forces, labor and lost-votes
that stock every isle of the supermarket,
when I burnt the wedding vows, the bible and the holy ghost,
I imagined the driven energy needed to put the pieces back again,
time's not an arrow, but a shotgun blast,
pellets flung and spread, twenty shots, twenty different fates
an infinite reload, and maybe for sure,
there's a place were the coff
:iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 1 1
One Step Too Far by Nimbus9 One Step Too Far :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 1 5 yellow by Nimbus9 yellow :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0 No Place Like Home by Nimbus9 No Place Like Home :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0
knowing that it ends
Heaven was born, awaken in the deep night,
with a shallow rapid breath, in time with a drum roll heart
knowing somewhere, there's only one certainty,  
the day may never come, but the end will
the storm that advances, seems so far so far
so quickly it comes,
we were out in the middle of the lake, boys on inflatable rafts,
and the impenetrable anger of summer heat against some
cold body
it caught us unaware,
fat mother-lined the beach, calling to paddle faster,
I'm enjoying the rage and lightening, that was so impossibility far away a moment ago,
and caught me unaware,
there's anger and relief from ex-high school mod squad
as we close the distance,
I now can imagine their mantra, the lightening and visions of fried children in this accidental lake,
like when you swim out beyond the toe hold,
and know there's dead hands hanging up from the bottom,
and when some from that deep, brush you in swimming,
you flay  and tense, and panic,
at the shore my friend's raft flies o
:iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 3
Ghost Town by Nimbus9 Ghost Town :iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 0 0
At one time, many men of science believed that life arose because of a quickening. By some sort of divine spark, or animating agent. Of course during those times these same men believe that frogs formed out of mud, and maggots out of meat. But still the central question remains…what makes life, life, what is the dividing line between what's living and what's dead.
None of these thoughts were on the mind of Rupert as he drove along the winding back road of Luzerne country in Pennsylvania.   The interstate was closed due to snow and improper budgeting for its removal. If he had the cash in this pocket, he'd stay in a motel, but he didn't. He had enough to get home after an unsuccessful sale trip to Allentown.
The conditions were near white out; no longer did the driving snow look like a hyper-drive ride through the stars, with each mile he was driving thr
:iconnimbus9:Nimbus9 2 1

Random Favourites

Grunwald 2005 - Ulrich by MichalTokarczuk Grunwald 2005 - Ulrich :iconmichaltokarczuk:MichalTokarczuk 21 11 eye of the sky by extrique eye of the sky :iconextrique:extrique 5 6
Eating Dragon Feathers
Dragon feathers are
sultry and sweet
they will burn
your throat when
you swallow them
smoke billows
from your mouth
In tiny puffs
to a tribe
on a distant vista
That hold
their charred little hearts
   Away from their faces
Hands blackened
Fingers can
make the war paint
You need
to be
You cannot
eat just one
To your lips
Faster than lightning
for your wanting
    Dragon feathers
a good idea
    at the time
The sweet
and wondrous
Dragon feathers
Like marshmallows
If an angel
had cooked
on a heavenly
Just for you
Just for you
to blow
the flame out
And swallow it
glowing still
Smoldering twig in the sand
Angels don't wear hot mits
And you look to the sky
For one more
One licked chop
the wieght of your affliction
There is no cure
For your once pink tongue
That could tie a cherry stem
A dead viper between
Your teeth
Curves to your canines
And your tribe is m
:iconathenarules:athenaRules 2 13
Pigeon - Takeoff by H-Lisa Pigeon - Takeoff :iconh-lisa:H-Lisa 1 4 Eternal Teardrop by GalacticWarrior Eternal Teardrop :icongalacticwarrior:GalacticWarrior 1 7 orange globe... by Illidan666 orange globe... :iconillidan666:Illidan666 1 13
Corrupt Love?
Melt my snow,
And envision our arrival,
My hand jigsaws with yours,
Feeling like revival,
Poster child,
Advertising our connection,
Television, Radio,
Sharing our affectionate,
Emotionally bonded,
Every tear is communal,
Like a courthouse hearing,
Judicial Tribunal,
As the gavel hits home,
And the audience erupts,
It's just another headline,
Showing love as corrupt.
:iconstu2912:Stu2912 1 5
Good Liar - Bad Liar
Lying is done with words,
And also with silence,
As the sweat creeps out of her,
Now she starts with her de-fence,
Falsehood is easy,
It's the truth that's difficult,
Whether you're lying nice,
Or b*tching an insult,
It's the responsibility,
Of intellectuals,
To dual what's right,
And don't be afraid to be cruel,
If it's gunna' save another,
From impending stupidity,
In the eyes of the beholder,
In the close vicinity,
For god sakes tell the truth,
Unless it'll change for the worse,
If life is merely a song,
Can you sing the next verse?
:iconstu2912:Stu2912 2 4
Butterfly Ode
The child cocoons itself,
Within its sleeping bag
Dreaming the most colourful,
Pleasantries its ever had,
It awakes from its vivid,
Stories and journeys,
And twitches, Wings sticky,
Like a bee to honey,
It trembles,
Its new abnormalities,
Almost afraid,
Like one after a fatality,
It senses the horizons,
Sun shining through skin,
And with that it flies,
With the new northern wind
:iconstu2912:Stu2912 1 8
Eggshell by Ceinwen Eggshell :iconceinwen:Ceinwen 3 20 I remember you by athenaRules I remember you :iconathenarules:athenaRules 12 25 The words on my lips by TwistedSmile The words on my lips :icontwistedsmile:TwistedSmile 2 3 Arch Angel Voodoo by Mindrot Arch Angel Voodoo :iconmindrot:Mindrot 3 9
You're like a masterpiece that I didn't paint,
But wish I had,
Sometimes I feel as if I want to scratch the raised surface of ink or oil to destroy your hopes and dreams and happiness, like you have for me.
You're like the armbands that don't support my weight,
Don't keep me afloat,
I sometimes feel as if you want to dunk me under and see how long you can keep me there before you are eaten by guilt.
You're like the rain in the desert heat,
Needed, wanted,
And yet there is still that slight mood that I don't want it to be here, I long for the heat to come back as it is what I know and love.
You're like the equation that I had troubles with,
At High School,
Why does E have to equal MC squared?
Why can't it be different for me?
You're like that unborn sister, brother, like that girlfriend I long for,
But cannot have,
Whether I show it to you every day or not, I love you.
You're beautiful, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
:iconstu2912:Stu2912 1 8
Jesus de Suburbia -I Feel Love by edwindaniel Jesus de Suburbia -I Feel Love :iconedwindaniel:edwindaniel 6 6


The Possible Necessity of Consciousness

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2010, 1:49 PM
The Possible Necessity of Consciousness as an Emergent Property of a Highly Complex Successfully Systems

The thought came to me while listening to Steven Johnson talk about emergence. I read his book a few years ago, and its ideas never left me. The core of emergence is this, amazingly complex and intricate properties can arise from a seemingly simple set of rules. An ant colony is a classic example of this. By themselves each ant is well…stupid, but as a colony they are capable of amazing feats of seemingly intelligence. Our brains are another example of this, neurons and neutral connections somehow give rise…well to us, meaning the us US, the "I", the thing you think is sitting up in your head, like Captain Kirk on the bridge of the Star Trek enterprise.

In this short interview I was listening to, he was again explaining the basic theory, and gave one of his favorite examples of an emergent system –Google. Google's accurate results are based on a very simple set of rules…it counts that number of links to a website, and uses that data to measures the usefulness of the information it contains. With billions of web pages out, it would be impossible for a human conscious agent to categorize each web page, so using this simple premise, this categorization is performed.

What struck me is what he added to this, given his own experience with Google. His ranking became very high, and by association those sites that linked to him also rose in their search other ranking. After awhile he noticed that the comments posted to his site began to have less to do with emergence and science and more with Viagra, and male enhancement vitamins. The reason was obvious, the owners of these sites knew what he was getting a large number of hits, and wanted to ride that wave –so he deleted the non-relevant links.  
This seems like a simple act, but then I started thinking about other emergent systems, such as the economy.   In economics there are two main schools (Keynesian vs.  the Austrian School of economics). One basicly believes in the "invisible hand" of a free market economy…basically that an economic system works best if left alone, without government intervention, the other (Keynesian) believes that government intervention is required to stabilize the inequities inherent in a capitalist system.    

I, not being an economist (thankfully), believes that the extremes of both systems have shown themselves to be flawed. Communism failed because of the one extreme, and the difficulties we are currently going through, because of the other.
In short, like the Google search engine, the visible hand of the free market works up to a point, but then an intervention of a conscious agent, that can see beyond part of the system to the whole, is needed to adjust it.

The question that I posed from this observation is whether some sort of conscious agency is required to correct natural emergent systems, just as it's true of the manmade systems described above. And if so, does this agent arise from the system itself, or is it something external.

It is a given that a conscious entity/agent can arise from an emergent system (i.e. look in the mirror). Of course the nature of our consciousness is another debate, and is one of the trickiest areas of both science and philosophy.

I will admit, this is a huge leap, but I started to think about some natural systems, such as evolution. One flaw I've also saw in evolution is in its basic premise –survival of the fittest. In reality, and I believe this agrees with classic evolutional theory, it is survival of the fit enough (fit enough to exist in a particle environment – it doesn't have to be the perfect fit), because if it was really survival of the fittest, it would seems to be that all life would just evolve into one, super-fit and adaptable state. Then I began thinking about early life on Earth, and realized for about 2 billion years, that's pretty much what happened.  

Live evolved into a stable formed that survived very well in the environment on earth at the time, an environment filled with carbon dioxide, hydrogen, sulfur and…not oxygen –in short a place very mush toxic to us.  In this young Earth (why does that phrase scare me), Cyanobacteria, were pigs in pigs heaven, successful, simple and stable. Oxygen in fact was toxic to life as it existed.  –But yeah that's exactly what it created –oxygen.  By creating oxygen this early life ended its dominance (again a two billion year rain) and created an energy rich environment which acted as a catalyst for more complex life forms.

What possible evolutionary benefit could their possible be to create something that kills you?

And wait, life changed the environment, which drove evolution which changed the environment and spawn more evolution. It almost seems that life wanted to evolve.

I'm not an evolutionary biologist and I know there are a lot of steps I missed in the process, but the basic phenomenon I'm interested in is this:

The apparent randomness of nature that seems to negate the possibility of a self-aware force, yet the apparent order or deliberance of nature seems to support the idea of some sort of innate consciousness.

I've also thought about this way; imagine two systems, one with this conscious agency and one without. The very ability for one system to "see" itself, and it's overall structure will gives it's chance of survival a better chance and one without, and (again using ourselves as model) we see that such an agency does exist.

Let's looks at another example. Both early Earth and Venus were complex systems with roughly the same variables in play, yet one spawned life and one didn't.

On a much more fundamental level let's looks at determinism as a whole. Determinism states that if you know all the states of each agent/particle of a complex system, you will be able to determine with 100 percent certainty the system's future state. For example, if a super computer could map the position of each molecule of the universe, the computer would be able to determine  the next action you're about to take –not only that, but that action after to, and the action that you're great great grand daughter will take 100 years from now.
There is a major problem with this of course -things on the a sub-atomic level have different physics than things on the macro level. And below the Planck  scale, there's…well nothing we can really know. And there is also the uncertainty principal   which states that the more precisely one property is known (of a sub-atomic particle), the less precisely the other can be known.

In short, this means that it is impossible to know everything about a system; therefore determinism is a moot point.
Let's review what we know:

• Consciousness can arise from a complex system as least in one form –us
• Most complex systems have emergent properties
• It is impossible to predict with 100 certainty the future state of any complex system
• Conscious agents (us) intervene in natural and socially constructed systems to deal with perceived adverse behavior

How we would know if is an emergence conscious that arises out of various complex system? What would we look for?

It seems to be, the markers of this would be non-random systemic behavioral changes that can't be explained by the sum of the system's parts. Unfortunately, this describes most emergent properties and in fact is at the core of the definition of emergence.

Mark A. Bedau observes:

"Although strong emergence is logically possible, it is uncomfortably like magic. How does an irreducible but supervenient downward causal power arise, since by definition it cannot be due to the aggregation of the micro-level potentialities? Such causal powers would be quite unlike anything within our scientific ken. This not only indicates how they will discomfort reasonable forms of materialism. Their mysteriousness will only heighten the traditional worry that emergence entails illegitimately getting something from nothing."(Bedau 1997)

Then could emergence itself be considered some sort of consciousness.
Seeing that the brain is the only model we have for sure it seems that at least four factors have to be in-place for consciousness to arise.
1. The system has to be sufficiently complex
2. The system has to be made up of smaller parts that perform particular functions
3. These smaller agents (parts) need to be able to transfer information to other disparate agents
4. This information needs to be quickly shared and added to if needed thorough the whole system

This sounds like an ant colony to me, or a bee hive. How about a thunder storm, doesn't that meet this requirements? Yes, I believe so, but of course saying that these factors exist doesn't mean that these are the only factors that are needed.

So anyway, when our ancestor talked of innate objects having a sort of spirit, perhaps they were on to something. Perhaps this is one of those things we know, without knowing, or more rightly having a way to articulate.

Or perhaps…I ahh, should stick with poetry.

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