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Since there's a few people wondering about the special names that get a unique comment in my pony name generator, I'm posting up this list.

Special Comments:
These ones are only given for specific names. Many of them are references to other things.

Twilight Sparkle
->I'm pretty sure that one is taken.

Rainbow Dash

Flutter Shy
->It says here... "eep."

Pinkie Pie
->"Never leaves home without her party cannon"

Apple Jack
->I haven't seen her around much lately...

Apple Bloom
->"Cutie mark crusader pony namers." I guess that explains that last one.

Scoota loo
->It says "Rainbow Dash is cool" here.

Sweetie Belle
->I really like her mane.

Morning Star
->Huh. This one is being used... 
(See:… )

Lance Guard
->Huh. This one is being used... 

Blazing Saddle
->"He rode a blazing saddle, he wore a shining star..."

Golden Shower
->...I'll pass.

Rainbow Cupcake
->"Life is a party"?

Shining Force
->"Legacy of Great Intention"

Lucky Charm
->"They're always after me." Gee, I wonder why.
->Note: I made a typo when coding this one, so it doesn't actually appear. Whoops.

Night Wish
->"I wish I had an angel"

Hammer Fall
->"No Sacrifice, No Victory"...

Emerald Sword
->"For the king, for the land, for the mountains..."

Sky Walker
->"Search your feelings, you know it to be true"

Divine Wind
->I can't read the caption here, I only see scorch marks.

Random Comments:
There's a 5% chance of Twilight saying something on a non-special name, and all of these comments have an equal chance of appearing.
  • How's that sound?
  • That one's pretty good.
  • I dunno about this one
  • Did you find a good one yet?
  • How did they manage to fit so many names in here?
  • So. much. pony.
  • There's neat little comments here next to all of the names.
  • This book has thousands of names!
  • I like it.
  • That's okay

If an error allows the name generator to create a name when it has nothing available for one of the words, it will use either "Derping" as a prefix or "Derp" as a suffix.
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I got Sunset Shimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!