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HARPG Expo Rescue Adopt - Pirate

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HARPG Expo's Rescue Horse and Pony Adoption 

Come say hello to this pony and other wonderful rescues at the pony ride zone and the rescue barn at the HaRPG-Expo
For more information, visit here

Name: Pirate
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Miniature Gypsy Horse cross
Age: 5-8
Height: 12.1 hh

Eyes: Bright brown
Markings: Large snip, four white legs
Color: Palomino Blanket Appaloosa
Genotype: ee Aa nCr nLp patn

Brief History:
    At a quite young age Pirate was taken in by a very unexperienced family wanting a cute pony for their little girl. Eventually he got too hard for the family to deal with and was sent off for retraining. When it was time for the gelding to come home the family had moved away and the trainer was unable to contact them so turned Pirate in to the rescue.

Temperament: Willing, bomb-proof, cheeky

     Due to spending a good portion of his life with owners that spoilt him, Pirate is known to get quite cheeky and test his handler. The gelding gets especially over-excited by treats and can get very greedy very quickly. Overall, however, this pony is perfect for teaching the slightly more experienced kids how to ride and to toughen up the less experienced riders.

Training/ abilties:
    During his re-training Pirate did a lot of driving as the trainer didn't have anyone small enough to get on him. He is perfect on the lunge line and the rescue has found that he is very pleasant to ride and easily pops over little jumps.

Ideal Home:
Due to being so food motivated and also intrinsically driven, we think that Pirate would do well in a home that can keep his mind active. He would be a good all rounder for a child who wants to do a bit of everything from cross country, to trick training, to going hunting or even doing some carriage driving competitions.


How to adopt:
For more information, visit here


1. Please keep the horse's HaRPG-Expo adoption story, no matter what else you decide to do with the horse.
2. Please credit design and origin

You may:
:check: Change name, age, breed
:check: Make sublte corresponding changes to the genotype and phenotype (design)  
:check: Register the horse in a breed group 
:check: Rehome the horse 

You cannot:
x Claim design as your own

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