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head in the clouds

head in the clouds

this piece was pretty much inspired by the stock photo of the model.
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Haha I can relate to this! Its just, there is a whole infinite world up in those clouds, not everyone understands this and the ones that do are floating around in the stratosphere.
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Ah good black and white
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oihhh amorr,vo observar seu blog agora^^,em falar nisso acabei d montar um,e vo encrementar ele ao longo do dia ;D,ateh q fica daz hora ehheh, [link]

ve ai amor,o q vc acha XD,nesse eu vo colocar uns trampo ;D,ai vo montar um outro depois rsrs.

teeeee amoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
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vixi,mandei pra pessoa erra,desculpe me,apaga ai ok,thanks
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absolutely amazingly beautiful.
i am inspired.
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The photo in itself is quite interesting but the animation compliments beautifully ! nice job :)
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I like this, it's a really interesting piece :thumbsup:
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this is great! can i ask how you did it?
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suit the photo really well... :D
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really great work! :)
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Really nice work
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Is there anyway you could make a large/higher res wallpaper out of this image? It's pretty amazing :D
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the original file is hidden somewhere deep inside my old computer. and i'm a lazy jerk who doesn't feel like hooking up that old machine and looking for it. :(

glad you liked it though ;)
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