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By Nimaru
I've been getting really sick of seeing people credit artists incorrectly or not at all. Sometimes it's legitimate ignorance, sometimes laziness, and sometimes just plain ol greed.

NO. This is not ok.

I'm posting this so I can point people to it in forums and on any site where pony art is found that it shouldn't be. I consider it a first warning before reporting them and asking for their account to be banned.

I'm sick of people stealing art and acting like it's ok.

And because I forgot to say so the last few posts, this art was inspired by the very awesome Lauren Faust and Hasbro MLP FiM team!

IMPORTANT! Here's Rainekitty's comment on this post. What she says here is exactly what I'm talking about: [link]

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I was really terrified of drawing this by hand instead of using vectors. I know some time I have to move away from the crutch (it's a crutch for me) of vectors and do some real drawings... I hope it turned out alright because I'm proud of it :D

Also, for those that are interested, I do have a lot of the art in this somewhere in my favorites... in case you don't want to hand-type the links anyway :D
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I favorited this because I liked it, yes, but there's another reason. One of the things I find most tedious about writing scholarly papers is the citations. I need a reminder of why we need to do it, and this seems like as good a reminder as any.
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Also see my detailed and updated webapage here: sourcing
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Added it to my list of sites useful for writing. Thank you.
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There were a lot of words, and I have way too little sleep to read every word, but I think you simply want us to link the original site it was on so the artist gets credit, yes? I don't go on Imagur for this reason.
Nimaru's avatar
I'm not quite sure what you mean, but yes, giving proper credit is already important. Because someone asked, I posted this image to imgur myself, but I made sure the title and comments listed me as source (which is something most imgur posters neglect).
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thank you so much for this, it i extremely helpful^^I just found out that at least 5-6 sites(spanish and french wtf?) are using my art-.-I wish there was a report button there,it's kind of annoying sinc I have no idea how to deal with all this crap-___-
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Be sure to put watermarks on your art to help. Otherwise, I would concentrate more on the English sites myself, though the rampant spread without consent or attribution is pretty annoying.
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ughh i hate watermarks>_< but its a necessity.god I was so annoyed when i found out>_>
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I totally agree with you!
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I can't tell you the number of time's I've seen this (find the source embed in the url or something) and the post says source unknown - really? it's right there. I have the fun indexing/photographic memory the number of times I'm like where have i seen this before. But saidly I think only the people that want to do the right thing will follow this.
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yayy, thnx for being brave enough to stand up and ssay the right thing :) Brohoof /)
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Thank you for this! It helped me find an AWESOME pic of Nightmare Sol (or Corona Blaze or whatever we're calling bad Celestia) off of poniburu and find the artist on DA and faved it! :D
Nimaru's avatar
Glad I could help! I made a non-pony one if you want to share this with others without it being all pony :)

DracaWing13's avatar
Ironically, I just finished reading that one! I'll be sure to refer any friends to this if they need help!
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I was just surfing the net and found this, I am so happy somepony was brave enough to post something like this! :)
Nimaru's avatar
Thanks! I use it to point people to sometimes, though recently I've been using my updated, more generic one: [link]
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They are both really neat, good luck spreading the word. ^-^
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I hope that one day you will be healed from the hurt which causes you to think it is "brave" to judge and attack their neighbors this way.
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You do realise that the artwork posted to that you described was on a comment, and you're now saying that we can't post comments with custom art?
We're not taking credit for it, we're not stealing it, we're doing nothing besides posting an appropriate image?
You're saying I can't save an image, if it was cute or sexy or cool, and use it to post comments with no intellectual gain whatsoever?
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I don't really follow. What I'm suggesting is that artwork posted to sites without artist knowledge or consent isn't very polite. Especially if there's little to no effort made to properly source that work.
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Something to consider, imgur was basically created because when popular links were posted to Reddit istraight from the website in the cases where the website wasn't very large or sturdy, the sheer traffic would just crash the website. 10s of thousands of visits is fine for deviantart or tumblr, but not so much for someone's personal fan or art site.

Furthermore, nearly every image hosting service I can think of bar tumblr's (which deactivates links after a certain amount of time) is slower to load than imgur by a seconds or two. It's not an inconvenience, but it's the kind of thing that puts people off visiting a type of link on a subconscious level. I would argue that the right way to do it is either to edit in the source below the rehosted image, or to (as in one of the cases above) provide a link in the comments so that people who are interested can seek out more.

Just a redditor's perspective on the issue :)
Nimaru's avatar
No worries friend, you're right. Posting to the source is often slower, more inconvenient, and likely to tank an otherwise front-page post. I understand all of that, but suggest that the mentality is similar to shoplifting. It's harder and more expensive to pay for things than to just take them, but honest people shouldn't. Granted, I once also copied whatever I wanted with no regard for anyone, but as an artist myself and knowing several, I've changed my opinion and encourage others to as well. In many cases it's very easy to post to source and the honorable among us will do so... even if it costs us imaginary internet points ;)
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