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Luau's Family Sketch

By Nimaru
Busy redrawing every pony in my collage. This is Luau's family. I'm taking advice and ideas if you have them.
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Don't forget about eyebrows! A pair of eyebrows can help reduce the intensity of the thousand yard stare of Luau's mom into a more 'naaaw, look at my adorable (grand)daughters!'
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Good point. Probably need eyebrows for this pose.
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Very cute. Also I noticed you used my suggestion with the eyes and head from the previous drawing.
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Such a cute family photo!  And so cute to see mother and daughter passed out like that! :icontwilighthappyplz:  Can't wait to see more Great Brony! 
Who is the pony on the far left?
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Luau's Mom. First seen in Twilight's reports of the original elements.
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Oh! Does Butterscotch suffer from sleep spells as well? Or is she just tired? Also, is Luau's father an angel pony now?
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She's just tired. As for Luau's father, he's still around, I just never created a design for him.
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