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Crabapple and Willow 14

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the pony at the further back on panel 7 always kills me
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Interesting indeed
Who's a silly pony? Who is? You is!
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Semi progress is made! *silent excited squeals*
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Crabapple: I am your lover.

Winter Willow: That's not true! That's impossible!

Crabapple: Search your feelings you. You know it is true.

Winter Willow: Noooooooo!
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those reactions in panel 7 are perfect
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Something WASN'T adding up. Tender Embrace was right...
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Part 5: same Big NO.
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wow.  so was she actually in denial, or is she just really thick?
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I will accept that answer
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Major denial
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Good.  i guess that makes a lot more sense.
P.S. this was hilarious!  a much needed dose of levity after the dramatic chapters before it.  your pacing is spectacular!
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Hahahaha!!!! :icondashlolplz: This just went from tear jerking to hilarious in just a few panels! I particularly like how Rose just went "He love's you dummy!"  so casually like that! :icontwilighthappyplz:  And seeing Feather Fern hiding in the rafters like that was just adorable too! :iconhappytsplz:  Good to hear from you after all this time Great Brony! I was getting worried something had happened to you. Well done as always! :icontwilightclapplz:
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There's a river that flows through Egypt that she appears to be intimately familiar with.
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FINALLY she slowly gets it
Haha, you can read almost everypony but yourself, Willow.

I hope the climax of this is on even ground. By which I mean, I hope there is some emotional flustering from Crabapple as they confess to each other. I'd hate to see Willow being the only one to have to squelch her pride and look like a blubbering idiot as he just sits there and puts on a know-it-all smirk. He's already the calm and collected one, pulling pranks on her in their marriage, at least for their relationship's initiation I'd like to see his mask slip off. Like when his kids were born or when he tried to push Rook out the way to get to Willow. A nice evenly emotional start to a beautiful couple.
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Willow x Crabapple FOREVER!!!
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