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Chryssy Bathtime!

By Nimaru
This is my entry for a plushie contest:

<da:thumb id="488183035">

Link to the contest if the DA link still doesn't work (get to work DA! Put your logo back and fix the thumb links!

I put everything I had into this and it took forever. No 30minute challenges here... probably closer to 30 hours, but hey, I'm happy with it :)

I know there are some rough spots if you look close, but there's only so much detail I have time and energy for :P

Stars courtesy of NASA.

EDIT: Just in case anyone asks, the green-haired Changling is just my design for Chryssy's mother.

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© 2014 - 2021 Nimaru
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Goodness, this is outstanding! :faint:

I think this deserves so much more recognition. 
Nimaru's avatar
Thanks :)

It really turned out how I hoped it would
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Aww, so adorable! :heart:
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This goes in the Villains folder
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 I love the eyes
spgzminty55's avatar
Awwwwwww its cute :D
Jfluffy's avatar
I love how you did their eyes
marinus18's avatar
I like those eyes.
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malvada y linda XD
She looks adorable. But look can be deceiving. She tried to murder ponies and slaughtered villiage of ineligent cats.
DisneyFanatic2364's avatar
Hey, I pictured Chrysalis' mother with green hair too!
OoglyBooglyKittens's avatar
Her mother looks like she knows wht adorable Chrissy will turn out to be...
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Well even the evil queen was a filly once! :icontwilightawkwardplz:  You really did a good job on this one Great Brony and this could easily go on to one of those detailed cards you did for the elements of Harmony the other year. :icontwilighthappyplz:  I wonder what Chryssy's card would be though.  Well done. :icontwilightclapplz:  By the way.....when you say "stars courtesy of NASA"  what do you mean? 
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I was too lazy to do the stars myself so I found a NASA picture and used it instead :)
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Ah.....well it's not like they can sue you for it or anything.....after all, NO ONE owns the stars.......right? :icontwilightawkwardplz:
Nimaru's avatar
Actually, the government can't own copyright. All photos that are produced by the US government are in the public domain by default :D
Demosthenes-101's avatar
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.......I see! :D  Never thought about it till now.
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This is so adorable! I love the intense level of detail, especially in the eyes and wings! :)
I soooo want a little Chrysalis!
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