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Celestia's Night Ritual

When she's alone and no one is around to see or hear her, she lets the mask drop. Did she repeat this for 1000 years? Who knows? What is it like to have to have your shame and regret staring down at you from the sky every night.
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This gets even sadder if you take that one IDW comic where Luna was the one who started designing Canterlot castle into account. Not only does Canterlot let Celestia get closer to the moon, it's also one of the grandest things Luna left behind, and the only way for Celestia to ensure it stayed that way was to move the capitol there.

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What tumblr is this please ?
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Carry the peace
And the coolness of night
And carry my sorrow in kind

Luna you're loved
So much more than you know
May trouble be far from your mind

And forgive me for being so blind
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A thousand years of knowing that because she did not do what needed to be done when it needed to be done, she was forced to take the necessary course of action when it became necessary.
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Do you have a Masters in eliciting strong, sympathetic, emotional responses from people?  because if so, you should go for your Ph.D.  Just looking at this is making me want to hug fluttershy.
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And now my eyes are bringing out the waterworks.
Did you see the new lullaby for a princess animation by warp out
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I did. It was amazing, but I really, really wish they hadn't lip synched it. Unless that's done flawlessly, it ends up awkward.... so it ended up awkward IMO :P
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yes, I just saw it. I was about to say that, too! the last picture reminded me of the scene after Celly banished Luna.
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That was wonderful. brought tears to my eyes, very beautiful.
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This legitimately made me cry. 10/10
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Headcanon accepted.
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This is amazing work, and could very easily be canon. Well, it's headcanon now at the very least.
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Again I am in tears reading one of your comics! :iconfluttercryplz: It's just so powerful.  I really loved your original comic about the first Nightmare Night and the events that lead to this scene......that is why I came to follow you here Great Brony.  Another deeply feeling comic great Brony! :icontwilightclapplz:
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Meanwhile Luna was napping and was awake when the moon was on the OTHER side of the planet.
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Yep, 1000 years later..
Princess Luna (Cereal as well) Plz You NEVER even apologized!
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz But I did! I did every night! When the Moon was high over Canterlot!
Nightmare Moon grin I don't believe you! Well Too late now!
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Seen this a billion times, explain WHY Celestia is sorry and that will separate you from the pack.
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Lol. Ok, sure.

Celestia loves Luna. More than anypony else... more than anything. She and Luna are two of a kind, they're sisters, but more than that they're immortals and they're rulers. Even if they could allow their citizens to know their true feelings, could a mortal pony possibly understand them? REALLY understand them? They're soul sisters and that's what made the banishment so hard.

It's not just about being separated. It's about being separated for such a terrible reason. In my story, Luna wasn't wholly responsible for becoming Nightmare Moon, but even within canon, Celestia feels responsible for being too late and too powerless to save her. In both cases, she can't forgive herself so she doesn't believe Luna can either and yet she hope with all her heart that somehow, someday, things will go back to the way they were.
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