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2016.12.08 - Random Unicorn

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Very cool, love your tips.
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Hello again, Nimaru.

Thank you for your critique once again. As you can most probably tell, I've taken the previous suggestions to heart when working on this horse here.
It's been extremely useful, and has helped me improve quite a bit already. :)

That horn, huh? That's an obvious one I suppose. It's also the one mistake I spotted easily after finishing the drawing, other than the neck being "off'.
I think the reason the horn placement is off by that much because I'm having a hard time seeing the depth underneath her hair. Things still look flat to me, you know? I'll have to work on that a bit in the future.

And I thought I had already made the eyes huge. But I suppose the first ones I tried were really really small then.
I'm not sure what size eyes I'll settle for yet, but I'll give even larger eyes a go next time.

From the looks of your sketchover it seems that the muzzle is not only a bit too rounded, but also still a tad too long.

That's a couple of new points I'll be looking at and working on for my next drawing.
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It's your style so go with what works for you. All I did was use as much of a squared muzzle as I could while still making it look good to me (my preferences). Don't worry about taking every suggestion if you want to do it differently. We each have to find our own style.
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Of course, I know. But I like to at least give suggestions that I think are helpful and could help my style a try. I can decide whether or not I want to keep using it afterwards.
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Interesting style and quite cute too. :icontwilighthappyplz: