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Laundry day
Ok folks, I feel the need to explain myself a little. You might have noticed that there's an awful lot of sexy in my Shiori - Carrot comics... that's no accident. New relationships can be very exciting and passionate. I imagine things will settle down a bit as they get more used to each other and develop a more mature relationship, but for now I see it as a very physical and very intense (not to mention super adorable) beginning.
Shiori - Expressions Challenge
Something else I've been working on. I have been doing another comic, but took a break to work on these expressions instead. They're not the greatest, but it's good practice. There's a few I like, a few I don't, and a few I need to explain.

Shiori isn't swimming, she's clinging (Carrot doesn't mind at all...). The reason Shiori can be in the water is her power is purifying the water in a small area around her.

Shiori can't get drunk because her power purifies alcohol into water. If she can learn to control her powers better, she'll stop being a danger to the heavy drinkers of the world, but for now Zorro has banned her from going anywhere near the alcohol barrels onboard).

Shiori has a weakness to sarcasm. It's not quite a lie so her truthtelling ability can get a little confused. She'd understand it better if she were sarcastic herself, but it's not her nature to say anything other than what she actually thinks.

Lastly, Shiori can't get sick and is highly resistant to nausea. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed by her power and food-based nausea is immediately purified as it occurs. Note this creates a danger if she were to be cuffed in Kairoseki. With her power suppressed, her immune system would be subject to attack by pathogens she her body never had a chance to defend from.
Merryweatherey IE Chan - Stahp!
So this twitter artist ( has been making comic to make people feel bad about badmouthing and ignoring IE and Bing, but NO! Not OK!

IE is shunned for a good reason. It has never followed Internet standards which I believe was a deliberate ploy on Microsoft's part to cripple people into their system (and even if not deliberate, that was the effect). IE is lame and bad and SHOULD be forgotten. Sorry Merryweathery, but you won't get any IE love from me :)
Eye can't
I feel like I'm never going to figure this out. This post is a call for help. If anyone can help me figure out how to draw the eyes in this situation so it looks like they're looking at each other properly, I'd really appreciate it. I can keep trying until it kinda looks right, but I could really use some advice on how to do "eye posing" properly. What's the damned secret? Why does it seem like everyone can do it but me?
Hare Trigger
Carrot is still trying to learn Shiori. She wants to be playful and tease her - thinking this much will be ok, but boy was she wrong!

It takes effort for Shiori to keep calm and not let her purified emotions get the better of her, but Carrot pushed her from 0 to 100 with a nibble and lick...



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey guys! I love doing art, but I have to make a living too. I'm not doing commssions or anything, but if you want to help me, just check out my awesome website It's a gift registry and list website where you can keep lists of things you want to eventually buy when the prices are cheap enough. My family has been using the site for years to secretly coordinate gifts for birthdays and Christmas so please check it out!
Link: DeviantArt Filter v5.0.2 by rthaut

Here's the deal: I've been harassing DA for while in comments and suggestion boxes for filtering because, hey - to each their own, BUT I freaking despise and am disgusted by "inflation" artwork. Enter the Deviantart Filter project!

You can block users, keywords, or categories and it alters DA pages so when you're looking at the popular art for the last 24 hours or whatever, a tiny X shows up in the upper left of any thumbnail you hover over. I have a bunch of ideas for tweaks to make the tool better and maybe I'll submit them to the filter's author at some point, but for now, this is working SO WELL!

The X blocks the user who posted the art which is extreme in some cases, but when it comes to fetish art, I have a zero-strikes policy. Obesity fetish is out. Gone. Goodbye!

The default settings show blanks where the art used to be which gives you the ability to click it if you're curious if your filters are too strong and you might have hidden something good, but so far, that hasn't happened for me. I started going through the 24 popular posts and week popular posts just looking for "fatty" art to block and it was actually a little disappointing when I quickly ran out (because the filter was blocking it all just like I wanted!).

All I can say is that this is long overdue and I'm glad that if DA wasn't going to bother, at least some enterprising user did the work instead!


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ILuvSmexyShowgirls Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018
You okay dude?
Nimaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YuP! Just busy :D
Still doing okay? Any plans for more adventures with Snow, Dusty, and the original element holders and their family and friends? ;) :D
Nimaru Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No clue. Getting distracted by other things these days. At the least, I'm not stopping, it's just that my projects are a bit bigger and take longer.
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angusyoung3 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
hey bro! how's that new carrot comic coming along?

been a short while since the last page. :D
GriffoBird Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Nimaru, just wanted to say some stuff
You're an amazing artist, ive been following your stuff for years, ive read all your comics several times and love them all, every time i read them theyre just as entertaining and engaging as the first time i read them, all your characters are interesting and i love all of them, keep doing what you do, you've been inspiring to me for years, and i hope you keep all your awesome work up.
just wanted to say something after going and reading all your old comics again <3 I love all your stuff
Nimaru Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)

Sometimes I accidentally end up reading on of my old comics for something... usually checking for continuity... and then I can't help but read it all again too :D

I love a good love story :)
ArtOfFriendship Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Happy New Year from la belle France !
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Showmare Heartsong (through her gag): MMMMRRRRRGGGGGPPPPHHHH!


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