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So I just started my own group called StockDesign It's all about stock :-)
Simply because I wanted a place where I can gather all the stock that is completely free and available here on deviantArt. Only restriction, it has to be available for "Personal and Commercial" use. No credit needed, no backlinks needed, just Stock that gives you as a designer the opportunity to create something new and great.

For a start i also included some of the works i did. If you like the idea help to spread the word and join the group :-)

Link to the Group:
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The days get shorter and darker, for some a very inspirational phase, others just whish to follow the warm and sunny season. Personally I had a great summer, met lots of interesting people and I expect a very colorful autumn :-)
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Now there are stories and movies in this world, that leave such a strong impression in your mind, that you either never forget them or they change your attitude and thinking about certain things. One of those stories is AVATAR, the beauty of this movie gave me so much more than just 3 hours of entertainment.
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So much to do, so little time....
hope to be updating my journal a little more often in the future . working on a lot of new projects, some of them are...well yeah...MASSIVE ;-)

more coming soon.
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Was working through the whole night and i was a little bit sleepy,
but than i discoverd this amazing website which basically gives
me a creative boost for the day :).

Its the Wesbite for Tim Burtons movie "Corpse Bride" and i think
the site is simply mind blowing, so much detail so many things to discover.

Have to watch that movie.

By the way here is the link ;)…
What a night I had....:drunk:  
What a night I had....:drunk:  

Rainy Night

Sat Sep 17, 2005, 8:05 PM
Well here we go, its raining like hell and obviously i have forgoten to put on the right clothes for this rare ocassion. But yes ladies and gentleman it rains in Spain.

Anyways, first time i really care for my profile on deviantArt.
I had to much to do the last months and couldnt really focus on my page/profile here, neither was i able to finish my own website. Summer is over and it seems that whole of spain suddenly wants a website.Well come and get some :katana:  

What else was there nothing special, same shit different day you could say :)

Anyways its still raining, 5:00 o clock in the morning and iam having a nice wet walk infront of me. brrrrrrrrrrrrr :lonely: ;)
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