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InTheNameOf Allah - I

Salam !!

was looking at Shirin Neshat photographies and wanted try an idea of one of her photos ... with some changes ... ^^

Model: Hiba

Alot of thanks to little sister Zainaab [link] for writing Allahs name on Hibas hand.

enjoy :heart:
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الهی العفو
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I wish that all of those western women who keep 24/7 telling that women hate being muslims to see this. I hope that if they saw it they would finally think about it and maybe they´re gonna stop telling that muslim women feel bad about their faith...
I know a lot about islam and I can say that it´s not that bad as many people may think. But they think it because of knowing nothing about islam.
I wish that once they will stop talikng about things they don´t know well.
By the way, I love Iraq! :)
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yes, maybe you also should say something about Sura IV speaking about obedience of wives and that it is permissible to beat them, the hadith where it says that women are deficient in intellect and, of course, also explains why all the 99 names and attributes of Allah are masculine There is no trace of the divine feminine. The three religions are patriarchal and misogynist and anti-feminine divine. true liberation for women, is Wicca religion.
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Yeah, you know, I try to talk nicely about islam every time somebody asks or says something stupid...But when I see all those people thinking only the worst about islam (because of western propaganda), I loose all my nerves and just say- read Qurran and let me be. And, don´t listen to the media and propaganda, please! My gosh, sometimes it´s really difficult to be ONLY ONE from non-Muslims who likes islam :(
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Excuse me, but I study Theology. The 3 patriarcal religions are full of violence and scorn against women. This is because those religions are born in a masculine patriarcal clans, where women were considered as horses or sheeps...
those religions say that women is lower, deficient, and they don't have a female ide of"god" (mother mary is not a goddess, is just a woman used to "give birth" to this "god-male christ") as if a "god" conceived as a male has disgust to be born in a female body .... those three religions are the same thing of the ancient phallic cults (Zeus, Priapo ...) with the difference that in the phallic cults women were considered in the best way, as priestess, and there were also  Goddesses (see Hinduism, with various Goddessess and The Sacred Vagina Yoni). Now, I can not speak in English as I would like, but what interested me was just to say that the Quran and  the Bible discriminate women in sexuality and intelligence. And all three religions do not even have an idea of a female "god" (as the Virgin Mary is not a goddess, but only a uterus that has served to give birth "to this god incarnate in a man"). that is really
misogynist, for the dignity of women. We are not lower,
just because centuries ago, some mysoginist men written books full of misogyny, created the gods in their own image and likeness, so they wrote we must adore these cosmic phallus. I am not less than a man, in the intellect.
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I agree with you- sometimes I think men are more and sometimes women are more. That´s why there will never be equality between men and women. Qurran says that woman is lower, but immediately says the rights women should have, right? 
You are definitely not lower just because you are a woman. It depends...
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The Quran (this "holy book") says the men can beat women.Sura IV. That's all. And this is a SHAME. A CRIME.

The true liberation for Women, is Wicca. Ancient Paganism.

Priestesses and Goddessess. It's simple. Not only misogynist gods. Are you a muslim? so, say something about the brutally violence in all islamic countries against women and children. Not a religion of peace (salam, right?) but a strong and hard religion that hates women, their sexuality (considered as a male's possess and own) their bodies, their souls. The so called god "Allah" is considered as a master, in masculine names.(99 names). This is the same for jews and christians: the god is the same, a great cosmic god male, as a Zeus or another gods male: Baal, Priapo and so on. My rights are mine, and I don't follow the "rights" of the Quran. I am not a man's possess, ready to be pregnant as a cow, or covered with a veil. I am free, with my body.

p.s I don't care if I'll burn in hell. I don't care about the phallic conceptions of gods created by males full of mysoginy.
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I´m not a muslim, I wrote that, didn´t  I?
One thing is that men can beat women and one thing is that they can hit her once if she does something wrong. Of course, you´ve forgotten one of the lines below saying: If they´re not doing anythig bad, don´t try to find a way to hurt them. Look at western marriages- men DO hit women (and sometimes they even kill them etc.). Arab men can be stupid and viloent, but so can be western men. 
It is a peaceful religion. And I thought that you know it, because you´ve read the whole Qurran. So it´s maybe you don´t  understand it. 
The thing you hate about islam is just hitting women? I bet it´s also wearing the hijab. You would never wear hijab, because then you wouldn´t be attractive and you coiuldn´t wear fashionable clothes, right?? Watch this video, thank you:… Of course, free with your body. 
Nah, you will not burn in hell. Maybe yes, but who knows...?
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shame on you!

"they are not doing anything bad" for example? Not doing sex with the husband-master? use the
birth control, not to have 7 children?

then, if a woman does what SHE WANTS it's just the husband's right beats her, right? if she disobeys her husband...

you are a disgusting person. Go in Pakistan, if you like it so much Islam, so you can throw acid in the faces of women (so you are a male, who condemns you?) Or go to Yemen, so you can marry even 4 girls of 8 years, so there is legal: in fact Muhammad 
was married with children and young girls.

You are a disgusting man. shame on you. NO JUSTIFICATION FOR VIOLENCE!
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brilliant Idea!
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سلام علیکم
....عفوا انی لیش بس اشوفها حلگها؟؟؟ لیش ما ادری
ثاني انتی اشلون تحچیها بالفارسي
عفوا خدمتچ
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أهلا ... وعليكم السلام
انا صورت فقط هذه المنطقة من الوجه كي لا اشتت النظر وكي يتم التركيز على الموضوع الأساسي
انا كنت أعيش في ايران في طفولتي ... لهذا افهم وأتحدث الفارسية

اهلا وسهلا ^^
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مجدد سلام علیکم
عفوا هذا صورتچ؟
اذا صورتچ والله هی
اذا مو صورتچ هم زین
عفوا مشکورین
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لست انا في الصورة
وشكرا بكل الأحوال ^^
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الله یطول عمرچ. انتی عزیزتی و محترم
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kheily aali, kheily!
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merci ... khosh'halam ke khosheton oomad :)
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