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Transform -Inuyasha for Nimbus




Transformations are sexy, nee? =3
This is actually a wonderfully quick painting...prolly about six hours or so of work on photoshop 6.0. Crits welcome.
Part of an art trade with the talented, inspiring, and super-sweet nimbusthedragon She asked for Inuyasha looking hot in some way, and this is what I came up with.
Ooh, and look at what she drew for meeee! It's given me a good giggle. Ah luvs it. >u< [link]

I asked kurokiba to write up a few paragraphs for the scenario...explaining why he's shirtless like this in a beautiful literary way. Man, he's not only the best Inuyasha rper out there, but his writing never ceases to impress my elitist taste:

Just as the levels of utter frustration and anxiety had reached their peak, something caught the boy's eye. It broke past the border of the high mountains, filtered through the numerous branches of the dense forest, and started to dispel the blackness of the night itself. Inuyasha felt that light brighten the depths of his own stormy eyes, thick brows raising with anticipation. The sun was rising. A multitude of rays followed the first, dispersing the blanket of night and gradually filling the air with a warm, calm light. A smirk alighted the youth's lips as he felt his muscles surge, the rush flowing to every end of his body, pushing its way out through his fingertips and elongating his nails to claws.
"It's time to get back what's mine..." His rough voice eased out in a rightfully cocky tone. Crouching low, his re-energized muscles sprang him out of hiding and into the open, despite the contradictory pleas of his comrades. The transformation was not yet complete, after all...but what did having black hair for 10 more seconds mean to him, anyway?
The enemy only had time enough to make half a rotation, just barely realizing that the hanyou had leapt into vision. By the time his blur of a form was visible, it was already too late. Stolen sword and haori were already returned to their rightful hands, and the dreaded transformation was nearly complete. Gleaming streaks of silver swiftly engulfed the jet black strands of hair from the tips inward. That same smirk, that evoked delight in Inuyasha as much as it evoked fury in his adversary remained. It only grew as he felt that familiar tingle at the tips of his ears, indicating that they were moving back to the top of his head and regrowing their fur. "It's not that I needed these things to take you down...." Inuyasha's voice rasped out once more. "I just wanted to make sure you saw me get 'em back before I kill you."
If you read all this, you get a gold star.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
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