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...these were the only chat-friendly ones I found.

First emoticon by XCali-CatX :thumb148613497: :thumb148614997: :orly: by noodi10 OMG - Watch that -reverse- by TheUncle2k OC Cindiee- Oh noes by xCandiee Hehehe by kaiser321 :shakecopyright: by Ayelie-stuff :thumb148657324: Bubble Gum by gizmo00999 :shocked: by Franz24 :hyperpoke: revamp by catluvr2 :party: by catluvr2 :D revamp by Colorcatcher D: by AutumnOwl :blowraspberry: by noodi10 :staranoid: by noodi10 D': by Gomotes

That's 20 emoticons out of 360, only 5%, that one would actually consider using in a chatroom conversation. Where is the emoticon gallery going to? :no:

The criteria I had when browsing the most recent 360 emoticons (3 pages of 120 each):

:bulletgreen: No canvas excessively larger than the emoticon. That means I saw a few emoticons that would've fit my other chat-friendly criteria, but they were on a 50x50 canvas and thus contained a ridiculous amount of unused empty transparent space.

:bulletgreen: The animation of the emoticon should represent a feeling or action a person would consider using within a chatroom conversation. I saw a few pretty animations on relatively small canvases, but the animation had nothing to do with conversation in my opinion and could only have been used to spam a chat room with pretty pictures for no reason.

:bulletgreen: Semi-decent shading. I know that some emotes are used even though they won't win any beauty contests, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I judged the shading as objectively as possible, based on what I see people actually use in the chat rooms.

:bulletgreen: Short animations. I should never have to spend time watching an emoticon to figure out what it represents. It should be obvious with a glance. This does not necessarily mean it has to be only few frames, because emoticons with over a hundred frames can still be understood at a glance.

:bulletyellow: Even though it is not required for chat-friendly emoticons per se, I only picked the dA standard emoticon shape for this. A small round ball, usually 15 pixels in diameter.

I will do this again, eventually, to see whether the amount of chat-friendly emoticons in the emoticon gallery is increasing or decreasing.

In the meantime

I would like to challenge you all to create a chat-friendly emoticon following the above criteria. Send me a note with your new chat-friendly emoticons and after the end of January I will make a journal feature. If you have never made an emoticon before you can find plenty of tutorials at Emotication (in the journal and favourites).

I don't promise to feature everything you send me, because it will still have to follow the guidelines. I may also decide to only feature the best few of your emoticons in case you submit a whole bunch.

All chat-friendly emoticons submitted between now and January 31st, 2010, according to my timezone (CET, Central European Time, GMT+1) will be considered.

There are no prizes, as there will be no winner, but I would appreciate if other deviants could offer a journal feature of either all of them or a selection of them. I will update this journal with your name as soon as you let me know.

These deviants will feature your new chat-friendly emoticons:

Thank you

I thank the following deviants for creating emoticons as they are supposed to be:


These are the deviants behind the 20 emoticons at the beginning of this journal. I am well aware other deviants create chat-friendly emoticons as well, but they were not among the 360 most recent emoticons at this time.


Remember to send me your 2009 emoticon summaries before January 8, and I'll pick my favorite emoticon from your year and feature it shortly thereafter. These are the summaries I am currently aware of:

:bulletgreen: capncraka :pointr: capncraka.deviantart.com/journ…
:bulletgreen: catluvr2 :pointr: catluvr2.deviantart.com/journa…
:bulletgreen: CookiemagiK :pointr: cookiemagik.deviantart.com/jou…
:bulletgreen: KimRaiFan :pointr: kimraifan.deviantart.com/journ…
:bulletgreen: Locou :pointr: locou.deviantart.com/journal/2…
:bulletgreen: Mirz123 :pointr: mirz123.deviantart.com/journal…
:bulletgreen: MixedMilkChOcOlate :pointr: mixedmilkchocolate.deviantart.…
:bulletgreen: nillemotes :pointr: nillemotes.deviantart.com/jour…
:bulletgreen: etNoir :pointr: ros-s.deviantart.com/journal/2…
:bulletgreen: Sinister-Starfeesh :pointr: sinister-starfeesh.deviantart.…
:bulletgreen: SparklyDest :pointr: sparklydest.deviantart.com/jou…
:bulletgreen: Synfull :pointr: synfull.deviantart.com/journal…
:bulletgreen: JulienPradet :pointr: tear6446.deviantart.com/journa…
:bulletgreen: Tifa22 :pointr: tifa22.deviantart.com/journal/…

If you have a summary and is not listed here please send me a note with a link to your journal.

© 2010 - 2021 nillemotes
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should be as tight as possible now.
Veritas-Unae's avatar
:3 Thanks.

They might still be a bit annoying in paragraphs, but I suppose that's not exactly the point of them... It's more to ask the other people of the chat if they're interested in an RP or a way to ask if an RP has already started...

Also, my subscription's almost running out so I'd like to thank you again for giving me one to try stuff out. Once I'm out of school this year and maybe in a job, I might have a look at getting another one!
Veritas-Unae's avatar
I did some for you, Nilli!~




o3o I enjoyed making them too!
nillemotes's avatar
Yay, thanks :D They could be better cropped for even more chat-friendliness though :flirty:
Veritas-Unae's avatar
... :iconsweatdropplz:

I'll see what I can do. ><' I think I cropped it quite close to the edges... it's an awkward emote.
nillemotes's avatar
"Quite close" isn't "as close as possible".
Veritas-Unae's avatar
Alright, I'll see about tightening the boundaries.
Ayelie-stuff's avatar

I mostly create emotes for use in chat - that's where a lot of my inspiration comes from, when I want an emote for something and there isn't one yet, or when a friend suggests something :D

Some are more "art" than "chat emotes", like my breast cancer awareness emoticons. Some are also just for fun, like [link] which I made specifically for a friend - it's meant for chat, but obviously it's not round since the whole purpose is that it's a loaf of bread :lmao:

It does bother me when people create huge emotes or ones with opaque backgrounds that look horrid in chat (or can't be used at all). What irks me the most is the mini slideshows of their favourite Twilight actors and such that are put in "emoticons>animated" :roll:
nillemotes's avatar
Being round isn't necessarily a requirement to be chat-friendly, that loaf of bread would probably be even more fun if you made a whole pack of loaves :giggle:

The slideshows of actors are miscats (miscategorized), they should be put in the Avatar->Misc category because they aren't emoticons.
Ayelie-stuff's avatar
Actually the slideshows of actors and anime characters are copyvios ;P I spend hours every week hunting down copyvios and miscats - I've probably reported about 5000 in the three years I've been on dA :ninja: (as =Ayelie-stock, not this account)

A whole pack of loaves, hmm? *thinks* Maybe if I'm bored some day I will :#1:
gizmo00999's avatar
Should i feel extremly honored? i mean, Wow! Im just a normal person, creating a bubble gum smilie at one in the night, out of booredom and here it is,right there... xD I would appretice if some1 would make an account with it as an avatar with name like :bubblegum:

And i know that my smilie is in the middle of the canvas, but it was late at night and i was like extremly too lazy atm xD
nillemotes's avatar
your canvas was still small enough that I could live with it, but of course it would've been better if there was no unused space at all :giggle:

no need to feel extremely honored. I picked a random time to look through the recently submitted emotes, and you just happened to be there.

I would appreciate if nobody made an account with an emote for an avatar. I don't mind if they'd use an emote for an avatar on their own accounts (like I do), but creating an account without using it as a real account is silly.
RadioBean's avatar
I should make one, right now. :paranoid:
nillemotes's avatar
Yes, you should :eager:
TheUncle2k's avatar
I agree with you.
I have a lot of fun making emotes with long animations and a big active area but emoticons are supposed to help express feelings and concepts during conversations.

You found a fair amount of chat-friendly emotes, considering how many miscats there are in the gallery
nillemotes's avatar
I understand that making those animations can be both challenging and fun, but I just can't think of them as emoticons =) I'd love for people to continue making them - creativity is art no matter what form it comes in - but I'd be much happier if they were put in Misc Animations or in a new category all on their own.

I tried keeping count of the miscats once, but my opinion on what is and isn't emoticons would probably generate a higher miscat % than what most people would do. I consider project entries (like the plushies and the statues) as miscats, for example.
UnicornReality's avatar
Y'see now I never think of dAmn as I rarely use my own emotes in chat, my ego wont let me, the only one I generally use is [link] . Bigger emotes and such really don't bother me D:
Maybe this is something you could discuss when you get a new GM? Maybe a new subcat for dAmn emotes only, and have the other category for general emotes, as long as you have some clean cut guidelines it might work to the advantage of chat.
nillemotes's avatar
Yeah, we had Project Streamline going last spring, where we outlined a completely new emoticon category system, complete with descriptions and everything. It would require moving all the current emoticons though, which is more work than moonbeam feel it's worth..

I would love to see the next emote GM make Project Streamline a reality.
UnicornReality's avatar
Streamline is a reality - it is just a huge under-taking. :C I know my community want to see our "places" category split into two more categories - that in itself would require 150,000 pieces of stock to be moved D:
I am sure it could be achieved, I wouldn't mind moving things if it became a reality.
nillemotes's avatar
I'd gladly take a temporary position only to move emoticons around if the new categories were put in place. If I knew anything about stock I'd consider a temporary clean-up position there as well :slow:
KimRaiFan's avatar
That's some really interesting challennge. I'll offer a feature to everyone, and I'll try to make more chat-friendly emotes, if I get some good ideas:slow:
nillemotes's avatar
That would be great :hug:
capncraka's avatar
i prefer my emotes to be used in chat :paranoid: so i try to make them chat friendly :lol:

maybe this will open a few deviants eyes :paranoid:
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