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March 23, 2009
The suggester said about :zikesfanclub: by =nillemotes: "Sir Awesome" has been a fixture of the deviantART community and an integral aid in the experience of the emoticon language. It is only fitting he be recognized by his adoring fans, and this emoticon recognition is indeed equal of the epic love felt for him. We love you `Zikes!
Featured by irient
Suggested by Keeps
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This is the most advanced animation I've ever done :faint:

It's poor `Zikes being chased by his fanclub. If you're a fangirl and want in, let me know.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: The epic Zikes
:bulletgreen: `Zikes :bulletgreen: :goodbeard: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Also see the ~OfficialZikesFanClub

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: His fans (with references)
Feb 21 :bulletblue: =zachriel :bulletblue: :swedehi: :bulletblue:
Feb 21 :bulletblack: ~mbqlovesottawa :bulletblack: :ElsieEyes: :bulletblack:
Feb 21 :bulletpurple: `brokenboulevard :bulletpurple: :la: :bulletpurple:
Feb 24 :bulletwhite: ~the-pearl-piper :bulletwhite: :gretch: :bulletwhite:
Feb 21 :bulletblue: `Synfull :bulletblue: Syn angle template :bulletblue:
Feb 22 :bulletorange: *Shrewlad :bulletorange: I support Shrewlad :bulletorange:
Feb 24 :bulletgreen: ~Espiroth :bulletgreen: :ducky: :bulletgreen:
Feb 24 :bulletred: =monochromatic-stains :bulletred: :shakefaery: :bulletred:
Mar 12 :bulletorange: `catluvr2 :bulletorange: cat thrust :bulletorange:
Mar 12 :bulletblue: `b0r3d13 :bulletblue: no reference :bulletblue:
Mar 12 :bulletgreen: ~ExFaceCake :bulletgreen: :hyperwave: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: EmoteScript.user.js (by `Zikes)
Use :zikesfanclub: on dAmn if you've got this script installed.
Also remember to vote for me if you use this emote.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Details
Inspiration: Rabid fan girl
Feb 21: 4 fans. 288 frames. 102 colors. 110 KB. 10-11 hours.
Feb 22: 5 fans. 296 frames. 111 colors. 116 KB. +1 hour (11-12).
Feb 24: 8 fans. 317 frames. 134 colors. 140 KB. +4 hours (15-16).
Mar 12: 11 fans. 338 frames. 154 colors. 157 KB. +2 hours (17-18).
Mar 23: Oh my. A DD. Hi, everybody! Go give ~Keeps some love.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Creative Commons
Attribution: Use this emoticon wherever you please, but where it's possible you must always link back to this page.
Noncommercial: You can never use this emoticon where you make money.
Share-Alike: You can edit this emoticon however you please, but everyhing you make with it has to be submitted with Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Share-Alike 3.0 and link back to this page.
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:jeff: :go to sleep
:jeff: :huh?
Ddsharp's avatar
and guys 
me: lmfao:devilish: revision Laughing So Much Hard Emoticon 
jaykitsune's avatar
xShadowBunny's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
catluvr2's avatar
Congratulations, you've been featured in this week's edition of Emotional Emoticons!
TheSilverSpirit's avatar
lol it looks like a conga line
Ratchet-lombris's avatar
Heheh, I love this!!!
GiGitheHedgehog's avatar
[link] if you want to add her...I just got this done. Either way, I'd like you to tell me how I did on my first emote!
GiGitheHedgehog's avatar
Charge!!!!! Ah...I'd love in...and I have my own emote, too. I just don't have one DA yet... ^^;
nillemotes's avatar
Sorry, I promised back in March to add several people but haven't got to it yet. I don't think I ever will ^^;
Edme's avatar
WTF, there's no me! [link] LOL ;P
madnessism's avatar
I'm too lazy to read through all these comments, but is it wrong of me to think that Zikes stroking his beard looks a lil bit like... er... he's strokin' something else? :paranoid:
nillemotes's avatar
Not at all, not at all. Though to be honest that animation in particular is shamelessly copied from his own emoticon here [link] so you should comment there as well :paranoid:
19RAD's avatar
Congrats on the DD :D
ManiacalMuffin's avatar
Haha great work~ The animation is wonderful. Congrats on the DD!
guitfiddle's avatar
seph018's avatar
Hahahahaha! That's one of the funniest emotes I've ever seen! Love their facial expressions, the smooth animation and especially the "Chaaarge!"-moment! =D
Totally great! A well-deserved DD! :thumbsup: :+favlove:
nillemotes's avatar
Thanks :D

The "Chaaarge!" moment was actually an idea of ^Synfull, I hadn't decided how to go from the pyramid to the chasing, so she suggested I do it like this :giggle:
seph018's avatar
My pleasure! =3

Well, it was definitely a really great idea! =D
DarkHorseArtie89's avatar
Well, I may not be a part of the club, I may not have a clue who Zikes is, but I must say, this has to be one of the funniest emotes I've ever seen made. The whole "CHAAARGE" sequence could be representing for anyone or anything really.
nillemotes's avatar
Yeah, even though all of the characters are actually representing a real person, I'm sure those who have no idea who the persons are can just see it as real fanclub action :giggle:
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