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wave remake

Since the stray pixels and the bounce of :wave: bugs me so much, I hardly never use it. Though not using it leaves a gap, and I've yet to find a good greeting emote I actually like. Here's my n'th attempt on making another waving emote.

I'm not so keen on it though. Looks like it's shaking a finger, or directing an orchestra, or just tapping along to music. Still, it's better than the other heya emote I made. I think. Hm.

Using a new ":aww:" face on this one.

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: See also: next wave remake

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Details
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Frames: 6
Runtime: 0.60 seconds.
Quickest frame: 0.09 seconds.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Creative Commons
Attribution: Use this emoticon wherever you please, but where it's possible you must always link back to this page.
Noncommercial: You can never use this emoticon where you make money.
Share-Alike: You can edit this emoticon however you please, but everyhing you make with it has to be submitted with Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Share-Alike 3.0 and link back to this page.
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19x19px 924 B
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And, I commented on the wrong one - oh my, I do need some sleep! This comment should have gone on the remake of this wave emote.
Sorry about that >.>
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It took me a minute to figure out what exactly you changed and I wouldn't have if you hadn't pointed it out :slow:
I agree with you, now that I see the difference between the two, that this one has a better wave, a happier one, I think. I like it and I hope I can use it as opposed to the one I currently have in my emote list. If I can ever figure out how* to create my own list for dAmn, I will definitely use this one!

I keep saying I will learn how to make these one day, but I never do. Learn or attempt to make them ): ... I should, it might give me something to do besides sitting here waiting for that great idea to write about - you know the one, it waits forever and then never comes.
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He's so cuuute! :noes:
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You're too hyper. It doesn't match the calm atmosphere around this wave :shakefist:
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The right one died? :slow:
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Nah, it's calm already. I have a calm butt cheek and an excitable bum cheek. :icon8buckplz:
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It's so cute how his little hand is moving :love:

And i don't like that other wave emote either, looks too strange and ugly :paranoid:
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:wave: looks strangely goofy. :slow:

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A really nice revamp. It's very clear that the emote is waving, and it's improved in every way possible from the original :nod:
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Thanks, but I still might give the hand another go one day :paranoid:
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