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`brokenboulevard was teaching =BlissfullySarcastic secret tricks for Fireworks in #WeEmote, and at one point brokenboulevard yelled "WAIT. REWIND!" because she said something in the wrong order.

I felt we needed a rewind emoticon, so here it is. The color count is way off the charts because I cheated and used alpha transparency for the effects. I'm actually only using 9 colors, but some of them are at 20-80% transparency. It'll probably only look good on dAmn because I had to make the alpha transparency work on the dAmn background, so I apologize if you wanted to use it for other places. Note me and I can get you a different GIF for a background color of your choice.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Details
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Time taken: 1h 15m
Colors: 33
Frames: 8
Runtime: 0.8 s
Quickest frame: 0.1 s

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Creative Commons
Attribution: Use this emoticon wherever you please, but where it's possible you must always link back to this page.
Noncommercial: You can never use this emoticon where you make money.
Share-Alike: You can edit this emoticon however you please, but everything you make with it has to be submitted with Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Share-Alike 3.0 and link back to this page.
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It's rewind time