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furious wave

Made because =psivamp wanted one. She made one too though, at the same time :giggle:

Couldn't have done that ultra fast arm movement if it hadn't been for the noesflail by ~pro-amateur.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: EmoteScript.user.js (by `Zikes)
Use :furiouswave2: on dAmn if you've got this script installed.
Also remember to vote for me if you use this emote.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Details
Last edited: October 6, 2009 (new shading, and AA)
Software used: Adobe Photoshop/Imageready CS2
Time taken: Half an hour.
Frames: 2
Quickest frame: 0.04 seconds.
Runtime: 0.08 seconds.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Creative Commons
Attribution: Use this emoticon wherever you please, but where it's possible you must always link back to this page.
Noncommercial: You can never use this emoticon where you make money.
Share-Alike: You can edit this emoticon however you please, but everyhing you make with it has to be submitted with Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Share-Alike 3.0 and link back to this page.
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22x23px 378 B
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Do you think this guy broke his arm?
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HELLO! That's how I wave at my friends lol
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So cute. :love:
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this emoticon is totally like me lol~
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What to do you type in to use it?
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:furiouswave2: if you have Firefox, Greasemonkey and SuperdAmn installed.
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hahaha, love it! :D
*waves back*
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hehe, no problem! :D
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:lmao: the exprssion is PRICELESS! :love:
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Glad you like it. :giggle:
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I loooveee itt! it's so cool :L always wanted to make these.. faved it :)
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love it ^^
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Aaw. So cute..
"Hey. Look. I'm here. HERE! Wave me back!" - ish..
Very cute :D

Faved it ;)
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