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clap remake 1b

No offense to `LeoLeonardo who recently got his :clap: into the official Emoticon Legend, but it just doesn't show the same happiness as the old one. Here's an alternative for all you happy clappers.

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Also see clap remake 1a without the extra woot.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Details
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Time taken: 15 minutes.
Frames: 30
Runtime: 1.80 seconds.
Quickest frame: 0.06 seconds.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Creative Commons
Attribution: Use this emoticon wherever you please, but where it's possible you must always link back to this page.
Noncommercial: You can never use this emoticon where you make money.
Share-Alike: You can edit this emoticon however you please, but everyhing you make with it has to be submitted with Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Share-Alike 3.0 and link back to this page.
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Oh, this one is sooo cute, I love it so much :)
Is there a quickcode like : blabla : ?
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OMG! I immediately get happy when looking at this little dude. Makes so much fun to watch him(or her? :paranoid:) :boogie:
OgenB's avatar
You know. I think I like this one better, but I think the "woo" comes a little too fast. Maybe if there was more clapping between "woo"s.
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I'll consider it, but for emoticons to be really useful they can't be too long. I might add a few more frames, but the "woo"-ing still has to be often enough for people to notice it right away.
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Like I said on the other one,

"I agree with you, my old crappy revamp is horrible, I really don't see why they used it. :XD:"

I like the little "woot" you added to this one, it looks very cute. :3
zachriel's avatar
Maybe too cute for macho guys to use :XD:
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Yeah, but macho guys are overrated. :eyes:
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SylvieDB's avatar
oooh yeah looks very happy :la:
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