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Matsuoka Rin and Haruka Nanase from Free! :heart:
altought my OTP is MakoHaru, but whenever I see RinHaru.. gawd dat sexual tension, lol :iconamgtouchplz:
seeing how Rin get jealous over Rei in eps.8, really made my day.
just stop being too tsundere and quickly realize your feeling to Haru, won't you. lol.
really can't wait to see the next episode!
Free! fangirls, hope you like it :giggle:
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Why? I love you too, Rin.
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I havent seen free, but ive seen 50% Off..
Thats what I thought of when I saw dis
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lol, this is not even 50% off it, only 10%, I guess XD
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god your so talented I love this pic if I could fav more than once a would ^_^
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thank you so much :hug: I'm flattered :love:
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ya welcome you deserved more praise
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Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! that's so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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uhuhu.. makasi ya :icongyaaplz:
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ya sama sama La la la la :happybounce: 
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omg sorry I haven't commented in ages. TTATT; I hope you haven't forgotten me yet! ANYWAAAY--
It's so nice to be welcomed back to dA (for a while before college starts) to this drool-worthy art piece! <33 SO HOOOOT.
Although MakoHaru is definitely the better pairing ehehe. ;')
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hiyaa dear :hug: of course I will never forget you :heart: welcome back to DA,
hope you'll enjoy your stay until college starts :D
lol, indeed. Makoharu is the best pairing :giggle: Makoto..Y u no exist in real life?? sniff
*still wishing there'd be season 2, sob sob*
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Awww you're such a sweetheart. Thanks dear! < 33
IKKKRRRR. ALthough I think Mako would be more of the brother type than the boyfriend type...(Rei is more my type of guy ahaha~)
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anytime, dear :D.
Rei? he is my number two favourite, after Makoto :love:
indeed, if he were my boyfriend, my life will never be boring :D that precious dork, lol. I love him :heart:
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i loooved itt *-*
they are my fav OTP♥
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