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GD - NPC - Mister Kang



Name: KANG "Simon" Su Ru  ( 康, 儒 )

Type: Citizen

Gender: Male

Age: 63

Nationality: American

Ethnicity : Afro-asian

Occupation: Apothecary 

Favorite Drink: Tea

+ Plants
+ Peace and quiet
+ Being left alone

- Idleness
- Parties
- Most people 


Knowledgeable - Patient - Hardworking
Rancorous - Disdainful - Uncaring 


Multiple cases of poisoning


Mister Kang was born in 1865 in California to a Cantonese father and an American woman of Ghanaian descent. His father was a botanist who had fled his native province in hope of a better life, and his mother was a midwife known for her extensive medical knowledge although she had been denied proper education in that field. Both lived a very recluse life in the outskirts of San Francisco, trying their hardest to escape the violence they had to endure because of both their origins and their union. "Simon" grew up in a rather isolated environnement, and for most of his youth he did nothing but help his parents business and work, slowly but surely growing quite knowledgeable in botanics and how plants could be used for their curative properties.
When his parents passed away, the young Kang decided to try his luck in the big city and moved to San Francisco. He worked within the Chinese community, and first faced contempt due to his mixed blood. He nonetheless became a promiment figure by offering unlicensed medical assistance to poor workers and prostitutes. And due to his knowledge in simples, Mister Kang soon enough was also sought after for a wide variety of services : hallucinogenes, drugs, poisons... He cared very little for the use that would be made of his creations as long as he was well paid and protected. Years passed and his invisible influence grew larger. His ennemies often ended up poisoned, and his friends never really trusted his tea either.
And then, on a very nice evening, Mister Kang vanished from his personal greenhouse : he woke up in Dernee, and scoffed at the glittery city populated by murderers. To him, it was not much different from what he was used to : he resumed his work as an apothecary, since the demand in both medicines and poisons was quite high in town...

Reason of Existence

Provides Dernee with home-made medicines, teas, herbs ...and poisons.


In his late thirties he married a former prostitute called Fenfang. Their only daughter, Lily, disaproved of her father's shady business and ran away from home when she was 20. Mister Kang only knows she lives in Los Angeles as a nurse and married an Irishman. He's never seen his grandchildren. 
PM - Gaylord




Name: Gaylord Aimé Cox
Age: 26
Gender: cis male
Birthday: 5th of November 1824 (Scorpio)
Nationality :  British (Mauritian)
Occupation : self-proclaimed "adventurer" (former locksmith, comedian, gravedigger, high-seas sailor, lighterman in the Port of London...and many more he probably made up)

Class: Fighter 

Pixel: Yellow Star  Body: +2
Pixel: Yellow Star  Mind: 0
Pixel: Yellow Star  Weird: -1
Pixel: Yellow Star  Charm:  +2


vaporwave purple tree - bullet [F2U]  Personalityvaporwave purple tree - bullet [F2U] 

+ Easy-going, charming, compliant, entertaining
~ Unpredictable, changing, curious, attention-seeker
- Selfish, stubborn, dishonest, insecure


vaporwave pink tree - bullet [F2U]  Likes/Dislikesvaporwave pink tree - bullet [F2U] 

+ Flirting : using and abusing his charm is his favorite passtime. 
+ Partying : nice music, handsome lads and good drinks...what could be better?
+ Poetry : eloquence is sexy ! 
+ Freedom : a man's most valuable belonging. Everyone should be entitled to it.

- Rules : they crave to be bent...
- Confinment : a little claustrophobic are we ?
- Judgement : now now, it's 1850 my good friend. Who needs those backward ideas ?
- Cold weather : anything above the Equator is too damn cold. 


vaporwave blue tree - bullet [F2U]  Historyvaporwave blue tree - bullet [F2U] 

Little is actually known about Gaylord's upbringing, since he is known for giving very different versions of his own story. What is certain and verified is that he was born in the British colony of Mauritius around 1824 into a creole family of mixed heritage. From a very young age Gaylord was tasked to help the family in their locksmithing business in Port-Louis as well as minor dockworking, sometimes even embarking as a ship's boy with his uncles.
Life on Mauritius wasn't exactly ideal, althought Gaylord cherishes the memory of his native island. Being a white-passing creole came with a great number of privileges his siblings and other family members didn't have, but unlike local heroes like Rémy Ollier who strived for colored citizens' right to be active members of the administration, Gaylord was pretty quick to turn back on local affairs and started to wander about with his brother and cousins, multiplying odd jobs and reckless adventures in the Mascarenes islands.
Around the age of 17 and as he still longed for more adventures, he enrolled as a sailor in one of the many ships sailing along the Cape Route from India to Europe. The travel proved to be long and difficult, but remained as one of his most intense experience. It was also during this trip that he met a Haitian whaler, nicknamed Esope for his story-telling skills. He fell deeply in love with him and Gaylord proceeded to follow him around as much as he could, embarking in many more dangerous expeditions just for the sake of staying by his side. After a while though Esope graciously rejected him and Gaylord was left in the Port of London. Heartbroken and enbittered, he spent many months throwing himself into dangerous deals and unsavory situations - even going as far as committing grave-robbery for the count of ambitious medical students, or disposing of suspicious corpses in the Thames for a small price.
Eventually he found a more respectable job as a lighterman in the docks, and came to enjoy life once again : in London he mingled with both sailors and street artists, offering his services as a comedian for some insignificant shows thanks to his natural talent for acting.  His social skills (and occasional lovers) even allowed him to sneak into some upperclassmen events and clubs, where he got to meet a certain Lord Richard Ashmore. The young fellow was a delight to tease and Gaylord spent many nights entertaining him with the more or less exagerrated tales of his adventures in the Indian Ocean.

However it came as quite a surprise when Gaylord received one day a fancy letter at the Watermen Almshouse he was living in at the time. Intrigued by the prospect of a new adventure, and quite delighted to get to meet Lord Ashmore again, he wrote back a mere note with only a few rather bold words scribbled across : "Wait for me".


- A journal : he keeps track of his daily life but keeps it encrypted by writing it all in phonetic spelling of mauritian creole. Sa couyonnad sa ; - )
- Few items of clothing : surely he will manage to borrow fancier clothes to someone in this mansion.
- A shark tooth bracelet : a rough-looking leather bracelet with a shark tooth charm. A treasured memory.
- Skeleton keys : the tools of a proper locksmith...or thief.

Shillings: -

- He is covered is a great number of blue inked tattoos from his time as a sailor ; he'll gladly tell the stories behind each of them, but it's hard to tell if they are true or not.
- He is still obsessed with his first love but would rather die than admit he's sentimental.
- He really is sentimental.
- He speaks english, french and mauritian creole.

GD - It's a Kiss Meme

Doe Eye's strongest weapon is his LOVE

:iconmerelymodest: 's Jacqueline
:iconshortcakeemoji: 's Samantha
:iconlaze-a: 's Chuckles
:iconjellopowder: 's Thadeus
:iconultrakouhai: 's Garen
:iconcrowfaced: 's November

Thanks again for allowing me to borrow your babes 



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