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The Good

Welcome to my stock photo gallery. If you like what you see here, you should also check out my art account, Nikx.


Now, let's get to business.

If you use my stock photos, inside or outside deviantART:
:bulletgreen: Please credit me with a link to or other adequate contact information.
:bulletgreen: Send me a link to the artwork using my stock photos, whether it be on deviantART or not.

Feel free to sell your work containing my stock. It's your hard work and creativity; you deserve the right to sell it.

You don't need to ask permission before using my stock, but please do let me know afterwards. In fact, please don't ask me beforehand. I only check my messages every several weeks, and I may not be able to respond before your deadline.

Also, I absolutely love it when my photos are used as a reference for traditional art. So even if you're just practicing, I'd love to see it.

The Bad

I don't do requests, sorry, but I do take critiques seriously.

I will, at the very least, look at every single piece of art created using my stock, but I can't promise to comment or :+fav: everything I see. If you don't recieve a favorite or comment from me, please do not repeatedly send me links or comments. Once is enough, thanks.

And please don't contact me about used stock through my art account; I'm trying to keep the two accounts separate. Also, any images posted to my art gallery but not my stock gallery are not stock photos. Thanks!

The Ugly

I release these photos completely for free because I love contributing to art and making connections with other artists, but if I'm not receiving credit, less people will find me in this obscure little corner of the Internet.

So, I hate to have to do this, but if I find that you haven't credited me, I will ask you once--and only once--to fix it. If you ignore me or refuse, I will have to contact the administration and request that they remove the deviation.

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

© 2008 - 2021 NikxStock
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MzCitizen's avatar…

Thank you for your awesome pic.  Your face is wonderful. So pretty.  I have used it here. 
nthomas-illustration's avatar
Hello, I have used this stock photo,… for a oil painting that can be found here.…

Thank you
christinelimei's avatar
Thank you for the reference photo :) I used it here:…
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
ALL VERY FAIR AND REASONABLE.. IF NOT: DOWNRIGHT GENEROUS!! :hug: (oops! capslock fail... sorry!, not really shouting...)
Hello! I loved your stock photos. I'm posting them on my facebook page: [link]
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
itsgonze's avatar
Hey there. I'm hoping I can use this picture to practice retouching. Would this be a problem? I can send you the final image somehow?

saywhatproductions's avatar
Hello! I did use one of your stocks as a reference :] I hope you don't mind:

I had to do a sculpture with a dramatic expression and I really like your picture, so I referenced the hair and eyes (somewhat) On your picture.
It was a class project
RenginTumer's avatar
Hi, I used two of your stock photos for studies. Thanks for providing such wonderful photos!

They're right here: [link]
Exulis's avatar
I hope you like it [link]
reb70's avatar
I like your perfect shot and I used your "Girl with the camera" photo on my skin`s preview. Thanks for it.
m4ch4ro's avatar
LOVE YOUr arts and I had you in my gallery :D , [link]
Gnossos75's avatar
Ty for the use of the Bright photo for my sketch[link]
Mariye's avatar
Had the pleasure of using one of your stock pieces as a reference for a drawing. I'm afraid I'm not very good at accuracy, but I thought I'd let you know anyway. :)

kwikdraw's avatar
Love the rules and how you state them. Thank you in advance for your generosity! :love:
MoonlightsReign's avatar
i used a couple of your stock photos in these paintings [link]
MoonlightsReign's avatar
just realized one of them isn't in the picture so only one not a couple.
MoonlightsReign's avatar
Nevermind there are two I was missing the third....wish there was an edit post thingy...sry for the extra posts.
Riadix's avatar
I loved one of your picture! I hope it does not bother and the result is:
if we do something, let me know. thank you.
Thanks for the stock, I've used it here : [link]
Many MANY thanks for providing these great pictures.

I've used one here and here

Thanks again!
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