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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (c):heart:


Thank you very much for your comments and favourites!:heart:


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Having flashbacks...Looks around nervously. "Flap Flap Flap" The Cliff Racers have cometh!  Cliff Racer looks, eppp! And it grinz. Quick! To the Silt Strider! And the Cliff Racers follow. ---- A great artwork can bring back memories of times we wish were still there. They allow us to remember when something was good and endearing. You have done a great job, thank you for allowing me to remember, Morrowind. And the joys of having played one of the better games of All-Time. Shakes fist at Cliff Racers. Cliff Racer continues to grinz!
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Beautiful one! I just totally felt like playing some TES...
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This is really lovely.
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I like your mix of atmosphere: The apocalyptic landscape and giant bug - The blooming flowers and vegetation together with the old fashion road sign. The mix of brownish colors together with the red and bright blue supports the mix aswell.
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Thank you very much!:bow::D
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grate I love it is fantastic!!!
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ооо,я помню ту незабываемую атмосферу...мммм...классно нарисовано!=D
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Жутковатое существо. Здорово нарисовано. Хочется смотреть еще.
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Оно безобидное):D Спасибо!):)
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