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Zootopia wolves

By NikRaccoon
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I hope we´ll see more of these two in the movie =)


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Dear nik159 can you draw some zootropolis movie spoof posters for my friend game project called Animaltropolis plz.
-Captain Animaltropolis (captain america)
-zoomuji (jumuji)
-willy wombat and the chocolate factory (willy wonka and the chocolate factory)
-mean canines (mean girls)
-harry hooter (harry potter)
-Freddy categer (freddy Krueger)
-fifthy shades of pred (fifthy shades of grey)
-iron dog (iron man)
-roar: the dark world (thor the dark world)
-dune alone (home alone)
-the karate kat (the karate kid)
- kill bird kill bird (kill bill kill bill)
-jason Voorhowls (jason Voorhees)
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I laughed my socks off when I see the part Judy made em' go howling xDDD
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I loved those wolves! (Plus Zootopia is one of the few Disney movies where wolves aren´t evil^^ )
The howling scene made me laugh hard :XD:
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they´re really cute:3
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They are so cute!! 😄
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i really like your style! 
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You'll start a HOWL! :D
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Spot on chap.
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I love this! Seriously thought it was from a movie....
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I'd also like to see more of these two in the movie.  Here's hoping we do, and that they don't disappoint!  I'm also really hoping they remain good guys, too...
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me too^^ please no stereotypes about "evil" wolves^^
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Glad to hear we share the same sentiments on that. :nod:
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i hope we see more of them too, their howling but was funny in the trailerLaughing Laughing 
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