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Lilac Family 02

according to “FP film”,lilac lost her parents because of tidal wave.
This is my OC for her parents and falimy picture. Her father is a water gragon while her mother is a deer. That's why lilac has poor hearing.
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Dang Lilac's father sure is adorable, Same goes for her mother too. I guess thats were lilac got her adorableness from

Never heard of this "Freedom Planet film". Any sourse? I'm interested...

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You spelled "dragon" wrong 😆.
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the word, "family" wrong, too
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I thought lilac's parents died at alley
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nice but i belive she a pure of her dragon race* who we dont all of them!*
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I heard Lilac was originally going to have a living father but he was scrapped from the first game.

How I'd design Lilac's father would probably be to make him a martial arts master and I guess make him more like Zero from the Megaman X series to spice up the theme of being a martial arts master.
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Heart the dragon family ..... it's .... I can not find the words ...
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Lilac's father eye is look better than sub hero's eye
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you're right Juan
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Lilac's father's eyes is look better than Sub zero' s eyes
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thank you!😄
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Looks great...and quite sad...
And...wait...Deers have good hearing!
Especially Red deer.
For me Lilac lost her ability to hear and breath underwater...because there is one rule...
"Do NOT mix two diffrend creatures!" Like bear and bird.
(Normally wild animals cannot mix naturally but whatever)
They will might have different number of the chromosomes.
For example humans have 23...just one more or one less and This can lead to genetic diseases...
Soo maybe thats why she loss hearing.
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ohhhhh! your opinions are really suggestive. truly deers are good hearing ,I made this because lilac design in FP 2 shows deer-look tail and other mammal details.😄
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No Problem! Thats understable! :D
Good Luck with your new arts!
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All for you! :D
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Pretty nice taken on Lilac's parents. :)

I especially like her mother was an deer :aww: No wonder she's has mammal like appearance :nod:

In fact my friend made his own version of Lilac's parents :nod:
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oh~thanks you like it! 😄and I saw some other parents art design too!
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