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note:this is the first time i do and sorry for my bad engs overrall:i love the art of 2 of the most famous planewalker thas are on the ...

tagged by :iconpmiller1:


1 . You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create 12 more questions
for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people/victims.
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entry.


1. What franchises do you like to see in LEGO Dimensions or a Game if you haven't played it.

i have not play lego dimensions and if i get it right the question i think i wound go for legend of zelda : 3

2. Do you do it for you own passion or what you'er fan for you artwork? Or Both?

like i got anyone that watches mine stuff so it is more of when i am in the mood even thou i barely upload here anymore

3. If you have an OCs, who did you like making the most?

well the only "oc" i got have been from a old pen and paper tabletop rpg i have been playing before some years and i guess mine try at making a undertale oc??? but yea i still love mine old oc of that game xD

4. Are you a fan of Science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror fiction, superhero fiction, alternative history, or magic realism?

not reading a lot of fanfic but i like fantasy one if i ever get to read one xD

5. PS4, XBoxOne, or are you going to get the Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch and get the new zelda!! looking amazing!!!

6. Are you full of determination?

kinda empty but for mine good luck i meet some real nice people help me whit that

thinking  of what they have done for you fill you whit determination!

7. That being said, Undertale Characters that you like the most.

at first it have been sans but after entering the tumblr undertale fandom it easily changed to chara the child that is misundestand the child that have only tragic lived and found happiness at the place where they have think they wound die and died  for helping the one they loved and whit a fall of frisk they got a second chances of achiving their original goal which is free everyone and make them happy and they have make their live happy while been still alive

8. Am I annoying you... with the questions?


9. What's one of Theory of a Game?

hmmm i dont no?

10. Do you guy think I should back to Walfas, work on Kisekae or do one of my artwork!?

your choose

11. Swimsuit or Underwear? What do you think is sexy for you.

can i not answer that?? xD

12. Would you go out with one of My OC? if so who? (Yes, even the male OCs.)

nah not interested saddly in dating but maybe go out for a walk and talk about random none wound be ok i guess

My Set of Questions:

1.greetings =) how are you?? have been your day? anything interesting?
3.favor charater of a game?
4.favor fandom you have been in or you are still in??
5.current obsession?
6.what you got as a moto
7.if you had to pick one soul trait of undertale what wound it be?
8.favor charaters of undertale or one you find your self to be like them?
9.what have been the most interesting theory of a tv show or a game you have read??
10.what your plans right now what are you working for?
11.i run out of ideas help!
12.i hope i have not been weird mine questions

tagged : :icondeusn:
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