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Finger robbery

Not my idea, it was just fun to make
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Sony Ericsson
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Jan 6, 2011, 4:23:47 PM
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i do this whenever i'm in a boring situation!
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Heehee :giggle: cute and funny
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What the hell is wrong with everyone! stop worrying about who Ripped the piece and enjoy the artwork! it i a cleaver method of imagery none the less. if another person wants to emulate or redo who cares! As a late great artist once said "good artist borrow, GREAT artist steal" doesn't mean that you rip the whole piece line for line. means that you learn by recreating artwork and giving your own feel! SMH grow up people!
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I say the exact same thing.
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im an artist myself! i don't get caught up in who wants to emulate my style or copy my artwork! THEY might as well report the other people on deviant for doing FAN-ART of there favorite anime! SO STUPID THEY NEED TO GET A LIFE AND POST MORE ART!
soo you made this very creative i just gave someone els credit for your work you should really do something about this
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Someone just stole this: [link]
Reporting that person right now.
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Wow, thanks for informing me.
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Owait, you stole this yourself.
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Everybody knows the idea, but that piece is mine, so..
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But was it yours originally?
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This isn't my idea, that's what i say. But i created this in particular.
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But you said you took it off another site in your previous post.
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Go away troll.
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wicked :) I love it - very clever
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Thank you very much! ^_^
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Well, i don't really know, that's why i didn't give credits to someone..saw it on a site
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ok. I just wanna say this thing make me smile. =]
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lol thats so cool!!
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whoah imma fav this one ^ ^
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