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Commissioned spaceship design.

The IRIS is one of several spaceships that have been modified to accommodate both the aliens and humans in a joint effort to create unity and stability between both races. This ship transports both alien creatures and cargo.

I have one more concept art piece for this with a 3/4 back view and some sketches. Do keep an eye out for that if you like this one, I will be posting it in the coming days.

Hope you like it!
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That is just beautiful. Such a neat design. Clearly a alien/human hybrid.

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Hi Nikolay, could you please elaborate on the background? Like, why you can't put humans and aliens in the same ship unlike it's a design mix, what are these aliens, in this background there seems to be only one alien species, and so on 😊 The reasons behind such a design mix are surely very interesting! 
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Hi! I did this design some years back and it was for a client. He gave me all the story info behind the design and unfortunately I don't remember any details. So at this point whatever is missing is up to your interpretation :)

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dude! holy crap that is awesome, it makes me wanna build it in lego :)
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Very original design...nice!
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i thought it was a train going inside a whale from the thumbnail..Opened and was not disappointed ;D gj!
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awesome ship great work !
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Awesome. I love the skeletal look of it; from the thumbnail, it looks like the skeleton of a whale. By the look of the design, I'd assume that there was some biological incompatibility between the humans and the aliens—say, different atmosphere requirements, each toxic to the other.

My one complaint is that the background makes it hard to see the labels and the human scale reference figure.I think this would look just as good with a simpler background. 

Also: I find it frustrating at times how human spaceships are so often depicted as being blocky or rectangular. Just a random thought.
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Thanks! Yup, the idea here was to have contrast between the blocky shapes of the human part and the more organic flowy forms of the alien part.
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Wow! Really cool concept!
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Thank you very much!
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Oooh, awesome concept you have here. I dig the story too.
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Thanks, appreciate it!
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