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Pharah - Overwatch

Fan art of the character Pharah from Blizzard's upcoming fps game - Overwatch.

I absolutely love the game - haven't had the chance to play it yet, but the visual style and the characters are awesome. Also I've played lots of Unreal Tournament and TF2 back in the day, so the gameplay is right up my alley :)

Hope you like it!
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Really like the art style. The main metal armor part seems a bit larger than the rest of the body, other than that, it’s really amazing👍
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Wicked pretty and cool!
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I love this, however you can add some backround though...
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Hey look it's Samus..........oh wait
Meepars's avatar
Draw her other skin
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oh hi samus. how are you doing?
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yeah! this is one of my fav characters and probably the next one that i'm going to draw!awesome work! i saw this one a few days ago on pinterest
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I honestly thought it said Full-Metal Bard for a moment...that'd be awesome.

Now is that (A) a Vietnam war movie or (b) an anime/manga reference? You decide.
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It's a reference to Edge of Tomorrow, which had a reference to Full Metal Jacket :D
Close enough. Prefer the manga tho.
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Oh my god this is amazing! If i had the money I'd buy it as a poster! Well done!
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Great art!! Love your armor style and color, and she has a big gun!!! :) Thanks for submitting to the group, :iconsharpenededge: much appreciated.
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