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This is just truly Marvelous.

Said it before and I’m saying it again. I want my flying car dammit!

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Hey, I hope you don't mind me making a 3D model based on your concept as well :)

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Nope, go for it :)

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can I use some of the vehicles you make for my series called desolation?
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Just gotta figure out the cha-

gaster: hey small human, what are we talking about?
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that rolls royce tho
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hey there saw your concept flying cars design and absolutely loved them
i work in 3d and would like to make these concepts in 3d version will u plz allow me to make them it will help also in my portfolio completion and in my demo real i will give u the credit of these cars . plz let me know thank u and again awesome work  
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Hey, thank you very much!

Sure, I would love to see how these concepts will translate in 3D :)
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Your artwork and designs are awesome!
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Thank you very much!
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Cabrio is brilliant))) nice ideas, fine execution) nice bit to portfolio! 
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Awesome, glad you think so :)
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Pretty fluxing awesome. I wanna see these things in a movie.
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That is some stunning and well designed work sir - quality is abundant here :D
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Thanks, appreciate it :)
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