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She looks like a wicked character nice work!
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Beautiful artwork.
I'll just be a little critical about the too exposed face of such a Dune born fremen...
All the water wasted by this lack of mask on her mouth...
Less glamour, but fremen think efficiency, not appearance...
Again reaaly good work, all is really great...
(Just a big Dune fan that couldn't let that pass ;-))
(OK... My mistake.. I just have a look to the concept drawing showing us the removable mask (but just wondering where she could have hidden it ;-) Me?!! dishonest??! I am shoked!!! ;-))
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Definitely well done as I thought of Chani from Dune, just by looking at the picture, without having seen the title.
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OMG! So beautiful! I love the colors.
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this is richly expressive and exquisitely done 
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Nice job on the details of the costume!
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After Paul Muad'dib wins? Cause the outfit looks colorful for a Fremen. Oh, and you need to fix the eyes. I see no blue within blue.
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AWESOME!!!!!!!!Love Love Mikey 
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To be able to manifest a character directly from a non-graphical novel then drawing & painting that character to the best of your imagination takes great skill and patience. I can see that you are incredibly talented. Your artwork is awesome.
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Wow, incredible :)   (I'm a horrible person and have never read Dune, but I'm one step closer to doing so now)
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The Spice must flow.
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Very good! You managed to create the feeling of a mild sandstorm. I love that effect!
(and have to reread the books ... it's been a while now)
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Very Original!
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Okay. This is a fantastic interpretation.
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Excellent work!! Your work is amazing, very fine detail work. Thank you for submitting to the group, :iconsharpenededge: much appreciated. You have an enormous amount of talent!!!
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Wow, cool. . .although you made one mistake. . .her eyes are supposed to 'blue within blue'. The white of her eyes are supposed to be blue.
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I really need to read this series :(
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