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A Reaction to a Messed up Thing

By nikolas-213
I'm not kidding, this is legit. :disbelief: I've seen many girls do that. They have a boyfriend and instead of calling him "love" or "babe" or "honey" or anything that resembles fondness, they call him "Daddy". This happens especially in porn, but still, this is seriously sick. :yuck:

Abu and Iago (C) Disney
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If Boyfriends get their girlfriends (When Girlfriends call their Boyfriends "Daddy"), would they do the same thing, by calling their girlfriends "Mommy"? :-? (Confused) 
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Eww, I don't even want to think about that scenario. :yuck: 
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Yeah, gross 😵
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My friends and I make jokes about this all the time, but we think it's weird when people are serious.
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It's a good thing you joke around.
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And disturbing. :disbelief:
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I think that when the girl calls their boyfriend daddy, I cringe so hard that I think really bad things 0_0 But still this is true... 
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Really bad things eh? Makes sense to me.
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I despise this also.
I cringe every time 
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Yeah tell me about it. :disbelief: Disgusting.
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That reminds me of a song that Usher made...
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A song I'd much rather not find out what is it about.
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Ahaha if you say so 
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I've heard women called "mama" by men but it's mostly down south &/or Miami. The women call the men "Pappi". I think it's different because a female anything (dogs, cars etc.) will be called "Mama"/"Mami", so giving the gender specific, parental name has been stripped of it's familial meaning. Like Hawaiians call everyone "Cuz" for Cousin, it doesn't mean they'll invite you to the family reunion.
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Good point..... Why people acting so strange lately..... :o (Eek) 
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Pfft, like they haven't been stupid before.
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I used to call my fiance 'dad' at times, but it was a form of a joke xd Despite the fact that we're in similar age (he's one year younger than me) he looks much older than me because of his long beard, while I still look fairly young. I hoped that calling him 'dad' will bemuse him and he'll shorten his beard xd Unfortunately it didn't help much xd
nikolas-213's avatar
If it was a joke, then it's acceptable. :)
CollinMagney's avatar
I honestly find calling your boyfriend/husband "Daddy" or your girlfriend/wife "Mommy" during the more intimate moments to be actually hot. ;)
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I'm disgusted by it, but if you love it, who am I to judge?
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Yeah, I get about BDSM/porn RP but still it's kind of disturbing especially if you actually call him that in public. I mean one, he's not your father (unless he was the father of your kids that's something different). I mean, seriously though, if you want to call him that, do that somewhere where I won't hear because the minute you say that, I'm sorry, that's going to raise some eyebrows. Besides, that's may be intending something whom I think should be kept personal instead of out in the open (it's kind of not my business anyway). Besides, again, I understand the premise of the name you can say (the boyfriend treats his girlfriend with care etc.) but there's a difference between care of a parent and care of a significant other. Again too, I don't hear any boyfriends call their girls "Mommy" (aside baby momma but that's a different thing). Ugh, that just sounds really weird. So yeah, some girls need to know there's nothing wrong with call their boyfriends with names of fondness. As for others, maybe it should be something called elsewhere but still it's kind of disturbing. Also, some guys want a girl who'll they'll take care of sweetly but not to the point of where they feel like their actual dad especially when a girl starts calling him that. Personally for me, if  guy were to treat me like a princess, I'll treat him back like my prince. See? Simple sweet and cute!

Nice job though on Abu's reaction. It's spot on! XD
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Yeah, his reaction was the best. X"D
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Η μητερα μου το κανει αυτο μερικες φορες αλλα ειναι λογικο γτ το εχει συνηθισει απο τοτε που ημον μικρη. Χωρις παιδια ομως ειναι απλα αηδια!
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