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Common Sellsword Concept

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i used this image

Castle With Knight's Matte Painting
Awesome. One of the view instances where it's nice to see less flesh on women. It's always ridiculous to see those "art works" where a woman comes to the battlefield as if she was going to the beach.
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nice costume, i like it 
Hi, I really love this work, it's super rad. I am working on a homebrew supplement for D&D 5th Edition about humans. Would it be possible for me to use this piece or part of it as illustration for the supplement? I noticed Saga was GPL? Does that apply to the art therin? I don't want to be one of the chumps just using art for illustrations without the permission of the artist.
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sorry for the late reply, i do not really understand what you want? "saga was GPL"??? what do you mean by that? what saga?

all the art i post here is personal artwork or artwork for clients so you cant use them in products. dos that answer that question? =/
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I like that you gave her such a simple haircut and armor as well as a spear.  She's a common soldier and can't afford or effectively use the fancier armor and weapons an independent fighter would have.  I'd love to see another drawing of her in more peaceful times working as a bandit, muscle for organized crime, or part of a city watch.
Liking the armor a lot! Well done, better than I could do. A small suggestion, try this same character with a dark, enchanted forest and clear night skies, only the faintest swirls of mists hanging about?
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Excellent artwork. Well thought out leather armour.
Finally! A woman with practical, realistic armor. Feminine, but not over-sexualized. Nice design and detail, man.
I like this one--an interesting face and practical gear, adding up to an interesting person instead of a pinup. She looks like someone I'd like to know.

Well done!

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Very good, very realistic
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She looks like Obara Sand. Very nice!
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Großartigst! Viel liebe zum Detail!
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I love her design :D
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Gefällt mir super gut!
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