Printing Face Shields
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Published: April 12, 2020
Hey, I know I'm like NEVER on here, but you never know who'll see this.

First of all, I hope you're well and safe. The situation in the world is crazy, and I wish everyone the best and that you can weather this with as little impact on yourself as possible.

The reason I'm posting this is, I've begun 3D printing face shields that I hope to provide to hospitals and other in-need people. I have limited resources at the moment, but I'll be printing as many of these as I can, and they're a simple design. You print the base portion, then use any clear plastic sheet as the shield, and an elastic band, cloth, or even rubber bands, as the headband to keep in place. That's it, basic enough you can use office supplies to finish it. Anyone interested in them can go here, as NIH has a nice library of face shields, as well as masks and other good protective gear:…

Face Shield Parts by nikolai60

As for me, I'll keep making what I can. Obviously your first priority needs to be yourself, family, and friends, but if anyone can spare the support, here's links to my website and patreon. My website even includes some free ways to help, so please check it out!



Again, be safe, and wishing you the best, Nik
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