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Land Ho!

Fun little scene i came up with couple of months ago. Finally got the time to finish it. 

Tools: Blender 3D(Cycles render engine), Photoshop final compositing.
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how did you made the water 0_o?
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Here is the glass material for the water…
The refraction's on the sand is a texture set to emisive. I turned off actual refraction's so that i don have to wait 10h for the render to clear.
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Holy moly! Thanks a lot!
btw, where did you learned to use nodes? :)
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this looks great
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W-O-W, This is brilliant! One of the bests I've seen. 
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Thank you! :happybounce: 
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The water is rendered incredibely. I love the color of the surface reflection, it reminds me of the colors in a swimming-pool. The only thing I have to note that looks a bit off is the background, because it looks very flat. But the image is still awesome. :)
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Thanks! Yea for the water i was going for the crystal clear look.
The background... yea... its just an image... i was thinking a bout making clouds in blender... but i had a ton of work coming up so i just went with the image.
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Nice concept, well done! :-)
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Thanks man! :happybounce: 
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Very welcome! :D
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That telescope really amuse me XD That water turned out pretty awesome, and it's cool that you made the island a bulb shape :) Is it missing some polys at the bottom? It looks a bit odd.  I just noticed the flag was underpants XD Nice work :)
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hehehe Thanks!! The telescope was inspired by Jack Sparrow's telescope. The refraction from the water is making it look like there r missing polyis. 
That water looks really good!!!
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Thanks! I did put aloth of effort in the water. :D
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Congrats! Featured in
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It is very bright and warm picture)) For me its really fantastic version of little prince))
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Thank you! Hug Little prince was a part of the inspiration. :) (Smile)  
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This is great! I really love the water :Q And the little wave right under his boat Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] .
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Software Pirate Arrrrr...  Thanks!  Sailing the seven seas 
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