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Post-apocalyptic trench-coat by Spiked-Fox
Flower III by Muti-Valchev
Steampunk no.228 Steam-pistol serial no. 001_02 by Arsenal-Best
Steampunk no.228 Steam-pistol serial no. 001_01 by Arsenal-Best
War by Trufanov
Luka Megurine by L-a-y-l-a
Captains Steampunk Goggles by AtticRaiders
TLIID tryout: Steampunk Batman by AxelMedellin
War by Trufanov
Captains Steampunk Goggles by AtticRaiders
TLIID tryout: Steampunk Batman by AxelMedellin
That Which Never Was by The-Necromancer
Man of pipes by neisbeis
The Battle - Die Schlacht by 42pixel
The Quarreler Prop Gun by Sathiest-Emperor
Vonck DD-19 Mk I specs by Ywander
Airboy BIRDIE by Dogsupreme
Small Wings by Rekalnus
Northrop YB-49 by bagera3005
Spacepunk Rocketpunk
Space zombie by Lipatov
Tenebrae Imperium Tanks No.2 WIP by Athalai-Haust
Rusty Steampunk Gun by IllustratorG
Bombing the Traitors by ARKURION
OveR ThE ReICH 1946-2 by mrkillabee
Krieg by Nalro
Arado Ar 381 by neuer-geist
He P 1080 by neuer-geist
Steampunk Gangster by Weltraumfieber
Mechanized Revolution Wallpaper by TormentedArtifacts
Steampunk Nerf Stampede Rifle by DrDisco777
Rocket Fighter 'Rata' by MikeDoscher

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morning in a harem by vpotemkin
I want YOU by BrotherOstavia

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Wrong by Johnnyistdeyummy
Caudron C.460 Rafale by MercenaryGraphics
Teslapunk costumry images
War by Trufanov
Luka Megurine by L-a-y-l-a
Captains Steampunk Goggles by AtticRaiders
TLIID tryout: Steampunk Batman by AxelMedellin






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This group is too be for all things deemed Teslapunk, Dieselpunk, Petropunk, Atompunk or Rocketpunk by myself and those who wish to join.

The main goal of this group is too help jump-start the Teslapunk genre, and set the basis for the writings, concepts, imagery, costumry and artistry for which it shall have.
Founded 8 Years ago
Mar 8, 2011


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Art Creation

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genre creation

183 Members
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By David Lee Rickman II, W3DTV

Note: I am posting the following under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0); just as Tesla wanted to share electricity with the world. All my possible responses to this posting are under the same license unless otherwise stated.

One of the things that powers a Teslapunk story is energy (insert groan response to pun here). Ideally, the energy source should be cheap, clean and portable. Many Teslapunkers may imagine some combination of coils and capacitors to extract energy from the aether or some motor hooked up to an alternator made from a wish alloy to produce perpetual motion. However, not all Teslapunk stories need to have a Rube Goldberg energy system. Using the KISS (Keep it Sweet and Simple) principle one can imagine a small discrete component which can be inserted to a circuit and act like a battery. What is it? The negistor (negative resistor).

A negative resistor is the opposite of the regular (positive Ohmic) resistor you will find at the local Rat Shack. Unlike conventional resistors which drop voltage by dissipating heat a negistor would converge ambient energy from its surroundings to produce a voltage increase above what the source supplies.

According to conventional physics a negative resistor circuit component is impossible because it theoretically violates the second law of thermodynamics. However, Nikola Tesla took an opposite view. In his essay "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" Tesla argued that energy could indeed be extracted from an ambient medium.

For a possible Teslapunk story the negistor is one option for a cheap, clean and portable energy source with a legitimate connection to Tesla's research. By connecting a dry cell battery to enough negistors your character can get large amounts of power. From there, your Teslapunk story can explore the other possibilities. For example, is the product of a negative resistor and a positive capacitor an absolute value? Maybe the time constant of an RC circuit can be negative. That might mean getting energy from the future because the capacitor is charging in negative time. From that idea a backward-time switch can be constructed or a filter can be made to receive negative frequencies.

If as an author you think the product of negative Ohms and positive Farads is an absolute value then you still have a way of self-charging your Teslapunk ray gun.

Never underestimate the power of pessimistic resistance (insert last groan response here).
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