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Lord Uniscorn by Nikola-Culpa Lord Uniscorn :iconnikola-culpa:Nikola-Culpa 0 0
Children of Clow
Long ago there were 3 great mages. Nikola Culpa, Tylar Peth, and David Dhaos. In the beginning, they came together to form a trio devoted to one thing, transcending humanity. After years of searching, finally they accomplished this, gaining immortality and forming The Brotherhood of Angels. With this, came titles. Culpa, Angel of Comfort, Death, and Knowledge. Peth, Angel of Darkness and Destruction. And Dhaos, Angel of Music and Fire. Many feared their power. Many fell under them. Eventually Dhaos developed a god-complex. Many began to worship him.
Shortly after, the same happened to Peth. The 2 began to fight. In this conflict, much was destroyed.
Fearing the same would happen to him, Culpa hid his power away. To do this, the Angel used his magic to enter a reincarnation cycle. After thousands of years he has finally awoken as a Sylvari.
Nikola Culpa, a descendant of the great magician Clow Reed, is recruiting members for his guild, The Children of Clow. Our goal is the protection of
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Excerpt - Ask the Lonely - The Legend
An Aegri Somnia moves about the mortal world forgetting his ancient heritage. His mind sparks with names and facts of the past, but he passes it off as a work of his imagination. All he holds onto is his name and his goddess. His form reduced to that of a weak human. His memories reduced to nothing. The goddess reduced him to human form to save him from humanity's hatred. Cast to the mortal world to protect his dying goddess, betrayed by her brothers whose constant fighting has scarred the human world time and time again. Two thousand years of constant fighting. Humanity split into factions representing each of these sovereigns.
All of them but the goddess of creation, love, and beauty.
The goddess peers through shattered glass, into a world that has forgotten her.
Her champion passes by her prison yet again, but does not see her. Unknowingly he has protected her for centuries. Each time his essence is reincarnated into human form, the goddess always seems to find her way back to her g
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A Lost Sovereign
The goddess calls from the other side of a broken mirror, yet I alone am the only one who hears her. Entranced in her swansong I move ever closer, ready to give my life to save this gorgeous deity from the cursed life her brothers and sisters brought on. My heart. My soul. I give them both to my goddess. She holds them as she holds the earth, gently in her loving hands. Her heterochromic eyes staring at humanity day and night. One as bright as the sun. The other as round as the moon. Yet I am the only one who sees her. My dear goddess. I will save you from this life of solitude. I will let your name be known. I give my life to you. My goddess. My Cygnus.
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Ice Climbers by Nikola-Culpa Ice Climbers :iconnikola-culpa:Nikola-Culpa 1 0
The Death of a Sweet Poem
As I sit upon my bed
Ripping thoughts out of my head
I try to write at a simple pace
But all I picture is her face
The simple way she makes me smile
Damn, I sit here for a while
Oblivious to what I was going to do
All I can think about is you
A poem tries to form on screen
But now I don't know what I mean
I feel a warmth in the soul of my eyes
And faster and faster this poem dies
A poem that was meant for she
A poem that bleeds straight from me
Is now a victim of the void
Totally destroyed
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Free-Write 1
So here I sit. Oblivious as to what I'm writing. The words are just coming straight out of my head and on to the paper. Am I writing about evil clowns? Who knows? Or is it Hamsters with the power to summon Satan? I really doubt it, but it's a possibility. All I know is that I'm writing… well, typing. I'd need a paper and pencil to be writing, which I don't have either of. So I guess I'm sitting here typing. On an unmade bed… I should really make this bed today. I'm usually on top of that, but… okay, I guess I am on top of my bed, but… not what I mean. Anyway… writing… I mean… Typing. I'm doing it right now.
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Eyes shoot open as I begin inhaling blades
Drowning in blood that sharpens with every breath
Stumbling in the dark for the life that fills my lungs
I take press the button and douse the fires that engulf my chest
My breathing regulates as I venture back into my mind.
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Faust VIII - Wallpaper by Nikola-Culpa Faust VIII - Wallpaper :iconnikola-culpa:Nikola-Culpa 0 0 Butterpony by Nikola-Culpa Butterpony :iconnikola-culpa:Nikola-Culpa 0 1
From The Unknown - A Prologue
Nothingness as far as the eye can see. Even further, actually. Nothing lies within the walls of this infinite universe. Nothing, that is, except Him. The Son of Sorrow. Whose name has been unspoken by any who know of his sin. He was Mayhem. Taboo. Hatred. Disgust. Calamity. Pandemonium. His name… not even he could remember his true name. Here he sits, in vast nothingness. His eyes blank. Nihilum fills his downward gaze. The pain of being locked in this vast prison for eternity because of a crime most unforgivable. A crime that brought so much pain to so many others, but joy to his twisted mind. His gaze wasn't always so empty. For the first thousand years He was calm. Next, he grew tired. He knew there was no way out of this hell, but hope still grew; a hope that would fill him for the next thousand years. Then Insanity, as he franticly searched for a way out regardless of thought or feeling or sense or anything else a sane person would follow. Finally, intet. Not a glimmer of lif
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Ask The Lonely - Prologue
The door slams shut as he walks to his computer. The power button lights up. Tears hit the keyboard as the computer loads. A loud sniffle when he tries to catch himself as the computer is finished loading. He drags his mouse up to the address bar and begins typing. A-L-O-N-E… The link he wants comes up. He drags the cursor to a link that reads, "" and clicks it. A smile fills his melancholy face as the main page of the forums comes to view.
Shaking, he scrolls down to the 'Miscellaneous' section of the forums. As he clicks it, the Earth starts to weep. A warm tear trickles down his face as he clicks the 'New Topic' button. His fingers hit the keyboard at a lightning speed that seems to take years to stop.
"To Anyone Who Might Give a Damn,"
He rises from the computer desk and moves to the door.
"Thank you for these many months of happiness. Thank you to those of you who have spoken with me. You have helped me out greatly. This site has helped me find out
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Requiem for the Fates
Life and death come hand in hand. You are born. You live for however long you do. Then you die. We have no real purpose in this world. Our actions in this world are already predetermined. Heaven and Hell already have our names written in their books. The fates write our story in stone the day we are born. Even if we know how to read the archaic language, if we can read their scription, we cannot change what The Fates have written. Those destined to die young, will die young. Those destined to rule, will rule. Not even God can change that. You will do what The Fates have written down. It is how it is. How it has been. And how it always will be. Freewill is an imaginary word.
Believe me when I tell you this. I have met The Fates. I fought the system. I fought The Fates. I have tried all I can to change what they wrote. All I gained was another day or two. The inevitable still came. An end to what I wanted to last for eternity. I wasn't able to change a goddamned thing. Everything was as
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She Talks To Angels
Act I Scene I
The lights are off. The curtain is closed. We hear the voice of the narrator over everything.
Narrator.  Life. Love. Death. Is there a boundary between these elements of creation? Can love go on even after life has ended and death has begun? Who is to say that it can? Who is to say that it cannot? Where can a living person fall in love with a person who has never felt the pain and sorrow of being alive, but who has never felt the sweet surrender of being dead, but still exists in the world in ways more than fiction? Where does one meet someone like this? How does one go about falling in love?
The curtain opens and the lights turn bright on the stage. We find ourselves in a small apartment building's lobby. There is an old man behind the counter, and 3 people seated in the lobby looking kind of depressed. A man, a woman, and their teenage daughter, Lenalee. They are dressed semi-formally in black clothes. Seated above the counter are 2 young men sitting on a ledg
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The Web of Lies
As a myriad of 1's and 0's fall we gallivant in our favorite masks, forgetting who we are underneath. There are no limits to what we can and can't do. We are immaculate. We are invincible. We are foolish. It takes over. Devouring us whole as the person we once were is left at a 5% opacity. We become entangled in or own game. Caught in a Web of lies we struggle to break free. But it is all for naught. The net has won. We are no more.
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Death's Cold Touch
Death be an angel I pray not to see,
But aware, I am, that he is waiting for me.
Each stumbled step he watches, alert,
Wanting so badly to put me in dirt.
I walk in his footsteps and he in mine,
He waits to pounce and push me into the Rhine.
The fact that I am unfond of, it's plain to see…
This angel, Death, is me.
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Nikola Culpa
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Reader, Writer, Gamer, Cook, Comic Nerd, Movie Buff, Romantic, and All Around Awesome Guy! Need some demons or undead out of your hair? Get some better shampoo. Or ask nicely. I may be able to take care of that for you. I'm a humble Pagan. I'm slightly insane. And I'm pretty damn fun. Wanna chat about nerd things? So do I, fool!

Name: Nikola Culpa
Alias(s): Skull Kid; The Pagemaster; Culpa of Clow; The Wonderful Sin; Azrael
Race: Aegri Somnia
Class: White Mage
Title: Celestial Reaper
Faith: Pagan under the goddess Cygnus
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: November 1st
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’0”
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Affiliations: Children of Clow; Brotherhood of Angels
Weapon of Choice: Scythe


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