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The Dreamland Chronicles

By nikogeyer
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When my friend Scott Sava asked me whether I would do the cover illustration for an issue of his all ages comic book, The Dreamland Chronicles, I happily agreed. Finishing it took a lot longer than expected though, and I do hope Scott didn't cause his editor too much frustration with all the delays.

A very interesting aspect of the story is that Daniel -- the twin brother of the book's protagonist, Alexander -- cannot visit Dreamland, unlike most children. I wanted to capture Alex telling him all about the wonder of his nightly adventures. The focus of the picture is of course the iconic character designs of adult Alexander and the elven princess Nastajia.

If you are interested in purchasing this variant cover, look for The Dreamland Chronicles #5 by IDW Publishing to be released on November 26, 2008.
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Amazing Draw! T~T Remember my RPG group...
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Your illustrations as always leave me simply stunned and amazed. I wish I had an ounce of your talent when it comes to the paintbrush, digital or otherwise.
crouching-kitty's avatar
Haha I love that webcomic. You did a great job portraying the characters : D
TellerofTales's avatar
This is incredible! I love how you portrayed Alez and Daniel!
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Ho-lee wow. :o You have definitely honored the Dreamland Chronicles with this magnificent cover. I'll be keeping an eye out for it!
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Great work. I feel you captured Alexander's excitement and Daniel's disappointment. Just an amazing work.
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Hey, I remember these characters! There was a very small preview for this comic in one of the books we picked up on Free Comic Book Day a few years ago! You've done a really great job with them in this picture.
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
I know nothing about this story, but this cover makes me want to learn more.
JediAnnSolo's avatar
You did an amazing job! I'm looking forward to purchasing this issue in November!
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Gorgeous work--I'm gonna go through your gallery sometime!!!
KageMara's avatar
Ahh, wonderful! <3 Great colours and shading.
boum's avatar
The princess looks exasperated, haha. Lovely cover, very catchy! I bet it'll sell lots!
SorceressofMalice's avatar
This is so awesome! I love the style.

Love The Dream Land Chronicles~ =)
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I am a huge fan of Dreamland Chronicles, and this image captures the characters beautifully! :)
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Oh, wow! What a marvelous concept and excellent use of color and grayscale.
mewgal's avatar
I... wow.

I've always been a big fan of 3D Dreamland, but your version is really, really impressive. It's just as real in that your shading and lighting is really great! And you just about captured almost the entirety of it in just one picture. I am DEFINITELY going to be buying the copy with this cover!
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Jesus christ man! That's amazing!
CaptRicoSakara's avatar
The dragon, the armor, and the sword I really like. Sweet job! :3
Iperher's avatar
It's so amazing how you depict a telling!

:heart::heart: I LOVE THIS ARTWORK!!! :heart::heart:
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oh, awesome! I like the sepia of the past compared to the full-color present.
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