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As I stand here
waiting for my
special someone,
I wonder what she thinks.
Days come and
Days go
and it all seems
so fast.
Information I receive
is shocking to me
to know that
the one I love
isn't who she
seems to be.
We have much
in common,
yea, that is true.
Searching for love
is very hard,
even when you search
in all the wrong places.
I do not know
all the answers,
and I am glad
I don't,
Because knowing
all the answers
would take the fun out
of a mystery.
I like to know her
yes, very mich.
And that's why
we get to "know"
each other.
I still do not
this mystery
called life.
But clues are left
to be found
and discovered.
No one really knows
how I feel
right now.
Only me and her
in a world
of lies and deception.
She will be the one
To show me
the "true love"
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True or False
True Or False
"true love"...
that term has been heard
over many years,
and yet, no one has
been able
to glue a meaning
to it yet.
is "true love" something
that you can feel?
something that you
can taste?
something that you
can understand?
or is it something
that can leave you in the dark
and allow you to find your own way
out of the maze of life.
two people, the "lovers",
can they be miles apart
and still know each other,
or can they be right next door
and have no idea
who their next door neighbor
when this "true love" is discovered,
does anything happen?
do fireworks go off
in your head?
do you see floating hearts
around the person you see?
can you make a "spiritual" connection
with the other person
and not even know it?
life is full of questions,
but this contains one
of the biggest
mysteries of life:
a term called "love".
life can lead you
in many directions,
but are you allowed to stray
from the chosen path
or does destiny have it
so you follow into the arms
of the "true love"
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Seeking Stars
Seeking Stars
With moonlit nights
and starry nights
I seek you
The one I look for
through life's big doors
you sit waiting.
Life goes on and on
for me to find
the one I seek
But run out of time
To you I find
in the end
for me
In life itself, 'tis a mystery....
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As I stand in the rain
waiting for her to arrive
I think about her words:
"I'm a confused person.
I need to redirect myself."
With time crawling by
every moment she is not near.
She tried life in one direction,
and found results
that she didn't like.
Robert Frost has
a famous line.
"I took the road
less traveled."
But this does not apply
to all of life's situations.
She has a blindfold on
when she is not near me.
And I am the chosen one
to remove the blindness.
I wait for her to arrive,
but yet, she does not.
My stragety is in question
But life will lead me
to the answer I want.
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This life of mine
is so confusing
But yet falls in place
with opprotunities
falling in place.
Many mistakes happen
that I learn from
to not make the same mistake
Soon, it will be over
but for now, I live
seeking and finding new answers
to life's unanswered question
Just like a math equation
There is only one answer
And for that, I see thee...
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Math is hard
math is hard
x³+(y²×sqrt(z)) = sigma((10x)³)
Math is so hard
to concentrate on skills.
After the one I seek
passes the first note,
my mind stays lost.
Only one can guide
me back
to the correct stragety.
History, English, Science...
Why must I suffer....
I would rather
spend special time
with the one I seek.
Einstein once said,
"Spend 30 minutes with a beautiful girl,
and it seems like a moment. Sit on
a hot stove for a moment, and it
seems like 30 minutes."
Yet, this is true.
I only see her
for a few minutes
I wish it was longer
to satisify my craving
for her love.
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Life is my Job
Life Is My Job
Talk about trapped in a dead-end job.
People come, people go.
but yet, life goes on.
This "job",
many people have,
yet few come to understand it.
With mine, I work till i am tired.
I lie, i decieve, I pry, I pressure
many people into their money.
But where is a job
where you have to sell youself
ever considered rewarding
if what you sell
is lies?
We destroy to create,
we create to destroy,
we lie to persuay,
we live to enjoy
(or at least some do).
We work hard for the reward.
Why is it sometimes so hard
to get a grasp on things?
this job i cannont quit from,
because so many things lay ahead.
But it would be so easy to quit.
To just say "I'm Done!"
and walk out.
But even though this job
for me is called life,
I enjoy many memories
I just don't wish
that things would get worse
and wish for things
to envolve my full potential.
Why do people demand so much,
but yet get so little to begin with.
People in my job aren't perfect,
but they make great friends when in need.
Most pe
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Life is Harsh
Life Is Harsh
Why must a man wonder
of what leads ahead
in life?
There are many things
to look forward to
but many more things
to overcome.
Due dates, deadlines,
projects, assignments,
many things that can be classified
as the good old "work".
My life is good, I'll admit that.
I have worked very hard
to obtain the reputation I hold.
But life is too overwhelming.
Overloaded, over-"worked".
Free time is something
that my life now lacks.
By doing assignments
that take 6 hours
plus a 20-hour job.
I understand that no one said
that "life is easy",
but no one ever said
"life is hard" either.
Many subjects go in my mind.
Science, Math, Technology, work,
but why all at once?
Going to school, then work,
then doing long errands
that take my time
while my parents "relax".
Bed appears to be at 3 am,
when I am done with "home-work"
that is just basically "free-time absorber"
and "All freedom-vacuum".
THe Teachers don't check it for accuracy,
just to see if it has been complteted.
So why do it in th
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Life Choices
Life Choices
Love is in the air
Yes, that is true
But no one understands
The true way I feel.
Stuck between lies and deception
I cannot grasp
That which is called love
And I keep trying…
But to yet understand
The correct way to go
One is true, and one is a test.
To be determined, of which
I do not know
Of the mistake I made.
Time will explain to me
The correct course
For my heart to follow.
I stand above and look at one
While the other
Is miles away.
To which shall I follow
I am to yet know
Life sends me into seeking
The answer to the mystery
That lay ahead
In life…
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is a mystery
and many go unsolved.
Yet I seek to find
the reason behind mine.
"Carpe Diem" many yell
So i sieze the day
to keep life's memories
until they fade away.
Who knows what is next
in what lay ahead in life.
For the one I find
to thee I seek.
To understand thee and I
to find the answers to.
In life itself, 'tis a mystery...
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As I sit here thinking,
I ponder a phrase.
"Why do you set goals?
Because if you aim for no where,
That's exactly where you'll
End up."
Yet, I have no idea
Where that phrase originated,
It means a lot
To me.
I am stuck
In a tight schedule.
Not many things
Fir into me,
But I arrange them
So they try to
Make sense.
No one said
That life is easy,
But no one ever said
that life is hard
Many things
Require my being,
My mind,
My body,
My actions,
My performance.
But I can only allow
So much to get through.
Tim Allen said
In a movie
Making fun
Of Star Trek.
"Never give up,
Never surrender."
He might not have meant much
When he said that
For the money,
The action,
And the fame.
But those five words
Put meaning to my life.
Many people have teamed up
Creating many things
That I wanted to have.
But no one
Has created the same thing
By one person
My reputation is high.
I like and appericate that,
But "with great power
Comes great responsibility."
The writers of Spider Man
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Fearing the Right Choice
Fearing The Right Choice
I fear
that I have made
a mistake
in my life.
This is no ordinary mistake,
I fear for the one
I live.
When we were first
as one,
I though she was the only one.
But after years of uncovering info,
I relized that we wouldn't work.
Today, I have gone
to relize that I wasn't thinking.
What if we were meant
to be as one?
What if our paths
for a long period
of time?
Will I ever see her
or will I travel
in this world of lies
until I find
the final answer?
I do not understand
that of which
I seek,
only that when I find it
the answer will be simple.
is she right?
is life right?
is this right?
I will not know
the answers which I seek
until the final day comes.
Total opposites may attract,
but where to draw the line.
She might be the one for me,
or is there someone
down my path of light
that will come to my rescue
and end this journey
of life mysteries.
Total opposites may attract,
but if secrets are hid,
then the full potential
of being
is false.
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A Day at the Movies
A Day At The Movies
Days come and
Days go
and no one really understands
this direction of life
When this mystery
of life is over,
most people will understand
less than when
they started.
Most people do
not realize
why life is so
but I found
a reason
for mine.
She is not
She refuses to say
that she is.
But in my eyes,
she is the most
beautiful person
in the world.
Oh sure, you have
all of those
"big shot" celebrities.
with their fame,
fortune, and good looks.
But mine doesn't need
a big contract
and 50 layers
of make-up
just to look "nice".
Mine can just
look at me,
and I am lost
in her eyes,
even if my head is buried
in 10 tons
of textbooks.
I understand the way
she feels,
about me, the world,
and a mysterious thing
called "love".
I understand her
and she understands me
And to me,
That's all that matters.
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Too Little Time
Too Little Time
Assignments, Due dates,
projects, homework,
labs, equations,
compounds, grammar....
life is taking over,
and it feels like
I am falling behind!
But wait....
Give yourself
just a few moments
to get everything together.
Take some time out,
plan ahead,
get things organized.
I was once too caught up
in my studies, homework, job,
that I had no time for "me".
Whe I took tome for "me",
I would watch TV,
create programs,
browse new topics,
but then
I got behind.
My assignments were building up,
homework getting behind.
Quizzes and tests were coming up.
Labs had to be done.
Thing had
to be completed.
I sacrificed one evening
for homework.
Though it might seem crazy,
it was worth it.
I worked all night.
Chemistry, Physics, Math,
I made life
become mine.
Bed looked about 3:30,
but I got it done.
Life was easier
for me.
Things click,
I understood,
I asked questions,
I understoof,
I multi-tasked,
I understood.
It is amazing
how many things
can be understood
once your mi
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What is this art
called "love"?
I understand it
to be
not what I expected.
Many versions of love
have been seen,
but is it really?
Do actions
that show a fun time
between you
and the one you desire
to be around
show it to be
that which is called
Sure, the dictionary
has a definition,
but can a book
filled with black-and-white
really define that
which is called "love"?
Knowledge is information
gained by experience.
So could that mean
that "love" and
are related?
If love is so questionable,
why is it
when you ask someone
the definition
of "love",
they tell you
"a time spent
with someone
you love."
Is "love" really
a stereotype?
or are knowledge
and love related?
What exactly
are dates and outings
for, anyway?
To do things,
fun and romantic,
with someone
that you have
feelings for.
basically, to get to know
and understand them
So you have
to have "fun"
to get to know
someone better.
Wouldn't that be
this term called
Many connections
are ma
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Window of Life
The Window Of Life
For thus, thy own window open
To the world of love above
For I will not give the cup of youth
or give haste, of that of a child.
Why must a man wonder
of what leads ahead in life,
For which is unknown.
In life itself, 'tis a mystery.
For those that go unsolved,
the answer lay
in a world of misunderstanding.
For thy, I seek
in a world of fog and lies,
to see you for once
to answer life's ongoing question.
For why, i do not know
But why need reason
for the mystery of life
'tis still a mystery...
There is but one,
out in a world of confusion,
that I belong.
But, yet, the travel 'tis long,
New chances open new windows
of life belonging to thee and i
and i hope to understand
and find thee
for my life depends
on one's heart.
In life itself, 'tis a mystery...
As time passes by,
I wither away.
into a meaningless nothingness.
Why must a man wonder
as time goes by
to what he will become
if no one is there
to greet him
as he enters the gates.
With his life behind him,
he looks
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[ ] You've tasted your own blood before and liked it.
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[x] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others.
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[ ] You're an outcast.
[ ] You feel as if you're not truly alive.
[ ] You'll moan when you're hurt rather than scream and cry.
[ ] You tend to zone out.  
[ ] You don't feel very smart.
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[ ] You like torture.
[ ] You live to hurt people.
[ ] You like the idea of being insane.

Total: 1

[ ] You're into Wicca/paganism.
[ ] You like magical objects.
[x] You believe in magic/can perform it.
[ ] You perform odd rituals on a daily basis.
[ ] People find you intolerably cruel.
[ ] You enjoy manipulating people.
[ ] You feel deeply in touch with nature and hate industrialization.
[x] You love black cats.   
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[ ] You have different personalities.
[ ] Your style could change from Goth to preppy in the same second.
[ ] You're fickle.
[ ] You have more than one lover.
[x] You're unpredictable.
[ ] You would change yourself entirely to fit in/get a date.
[x] You are fond of many different things.
[ ] You can easily get out of trouble by changing your demeanor.
[x] You often say one thing and mean another.
[ ] You like to leave your clothes on the floor after taking them off.

Total: 3

[ ] You have a very bad temper.
[ ] You're usually angry.
[ ] You have to make other people miserable with every breath that you take.
[ ] You worship Satan.
[ ] You like pentagrams.
[ ] You could do just about anything bad to someone and feel proud.
[ ] You laugh when other people are hurt.
[ ] Physically harming someone turns you on.
[ ] You respond to an insult by viciously attacking the other person.

Total: 0

[x] You're a very good person.
[x] You take care with everything you do.
[x] You can be extremely serious.
[ ] You're gentle and kind to even your worst enemies.
[x] You cannot hold a grudge against anyone.
[x] You would gladly endure anything for the sake of the ones you love.
[ ] You're a virgin/have never kissed anyone/have never had a lover.
[ ] People see you as being very pure.
[ ] You are obedient and follow rules without question.
[ ] You love God.

Total: 5

[ ] You enchant people.
[ ] You like organic things.
[x] You're almost always smiling.
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[x] You get attached to animals easily.
[ ] You're a walking-talking chick-flick/prince charming.
[ ] You fall in love easily.
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[ ] You don't HATE anyone.
[x] You like long hair.

Total:  3

yes, I thought these were stupid, but I thought I'd kill a few minutes with this.
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