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And once again, as a Christmas gift, this woman denounced my works as a copy of her works...
Her attorney says about me works that "are unauthorized derivative works and use the copyright protected works owned by my client in the preparation of the works derived therefrom" and about me that "this particular person is repeatedly in violation of my client's intellectual property rights"...
Isn't it obvious, seeing my drawings, that I not copying her rude blueprints???
It is impossible to get all the information available in my drawings of her simple sketches.
And that I draw watching myself the series.
What is so difficult to understand???
I understand her fear of losing money and her jealous because there are people that like my work more than hers ... But
I would like to condemn here the attitude of Brandi Roberts, owner of the web Fantasy Floorplans in which she sells floorplans of TV series.
This design diva is the responsible for which have eliminated my work of several websites.
Two weeks ago Deviantart (and before other websites) has removed the mayority of my works from the website.
This woman has marked my floorplans as a copy of her floorplans and it seems that this and other websites retires prudentially the material until the reclamation was solved.
In the last weeks my artworks are appeared in many websites, sometimes alone and sometimes in articles with other artists, and from the first day this women as attacked me in the websites where my artworks are for sale.
She must believe that is the only person in the world with the rights to make floorplans from TV series and she has done the same thing in Deviantart and in RedBubble getting to remove my artworks.
Right now I'm trying to reclaim my rights, my honor and the restoration of my material in these websites but it is a very long and complicated process.
Can someone with a minimum of common sense think that this:…
is a copy of this?…
My drawings are artistic artworks, extremely acccurated in dimensions and proportions, coloured and full of furniturs and decoratons details.
Her layouts are like a simple technical blueprints, undetailed and monochromatic.
The only and logic similarity it comes from the use os the same theme and the same sets to make both floorplans.
This woman (Maybe envious or jelous cause other artist like me are obtaining more mediatic echo than her and, above all, fearful of losing money if someone prefer to buy my drawings to her owns) are systematically attacking me in the websites in wher I am trying to earn some money (actually I am unemployer and I need the money).
I feel totally undervalued and underapreciated, at the mercy of the whims of a diva at the service of this websites, whoe obeis without contrast if she has reason in her complaint.
I am only a humble person who made drawings from a town in Spain and I don't understand nothing.
I'am very sad with all this bullshit and with the actions of this diva of design.
The persecution of this woman is something that is affecting me economically and emotionally.
This is something incomprehensible especially coming from another "artist".
An unfair woman who thinks " I paint cats so you can't paint cats." Ridiculous...
We are all free to create what we want...
I'm uploading my new works in my Pinterest:
and Facebook sites
And few days ago I opened a store in eBay to sell my artworks:
Thank you very much.