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The Golden Girls House floorplan v.2

By nikneuk
The house of Blanche Deveraux, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Sporznak and Sophia Petrillo in Miami.

Probably the more complex floorplan that i have done.
I placed Blanche's bedroom is to te left of the living room (as appears in the pìlot episode), the lanai ix a mixture of many versions appeared trough the serees and I made some changes in Rose's bedroom to fit the rest of the rooms.

(This version contains the bathroom of Sophia, adapted to this plan but different of the one show in the series)

Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them.

This is a hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pencils and with full details of furniture, fabric, timbers and complements...

The design is made according with the "real" apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.


If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…

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The kitchen door that goes to the cars should be in the back of the kitchen?
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The distribution of this house is a nonsense.
In all the exterior views of the house (both the original real house and the faka façade built in the backlot of Disney Studios) the garage is clearly placed in front of the house.
But a sitcom is basically a theatrical play and is very common and easiest to place an entry for the actors at the bottom and sides of the sets.
But if the garage was placed behind the kitchen and parallel to the hallway and the bedrooms would be behind the garage that hallway would be absurdily long.
In my Etsy shop I sell handmade drawings of these designs and in the latest versions of this floorplan I added a secondary entry behind the kitchen (between the kitchen and the bedrooms) that solves this problem.
I imagined some kind of Mud Room mixed with a Laundry Room with a entry from the backside where I imagined a little exterior parking.
With this solution I keep the integrity of the design: The garage in front of the house, a secondary entry from the bottom of the kitchen and a logical depth for the hallway.
I don't think the door at the end of the hall was there in the pilot
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In the pilot did not appear all rooms.
Then yes.
If I had drawn only what appeared in the pilot house would be much smaller...
I don't think the pilot had the door at the end of the hall
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This is beautiful! Great attention to detail, especially as the set moved around a lot.
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Thank you very much.
It's nice to find someone who accepts this floorplan with all its contradictions.
Well, not the mistakes of the drawinb, but the series itself...
Normally the fans leave negative comments saying that this is impossible.
Even after they are unable to give a logical explanation to their own claims...
Very good conception. I'm seriously thinking of securing an architect to make plans of this concept, so would love to see how we could work things up to increase room sizes for some property I'm looking at in Leilani Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii. Just need to decide other elevation setting and if I want full retractable with rain sensor skylights.
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I was JUST going to comment saying how I'd love to see this house in your stuff, when lo and behold

Fabulously done!
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Thank you very much...
another big problem is that the garage door is going out where the utility room is but yet the utility room goes no where and if it did the plan would make no sense
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This is an impossible plan in many ways...
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bwahhhhhh i love this!
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Thank you very much...
This is really amazing. I've been watching the show for years and still get confused on the set up on occasion!
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The situation of the bedrooms in the show is a nonsense.
In the pilot the bedoom of Blanche is placed to the left of the living room (as in my floorplanb) and to the right is placed the hallway.
This hallway contains 4 doors:
- Common Bathroom in the door to the left
- Sophia´s bedroom in the first door to the right
- Dorothy's bedroom in the second door to the right
- Rose's bedroom in the door at the bottom of the hallway.
But in the rest of the episodes the bedroom of Blanche is placed in the hallway with the others bedrooms.
But the hallway stll have only 4 doors !!!
The result of this mistake is the continuous switch of the bedrooms through the show...
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