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Sheldon, Leonard and Penny Apartment from TBBT

By nikneuk
Floorplan of the apartments of Sheldon, Leonard and Penny from the TV show "TBBT".
It's an original hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pens and with full details of furniture and complements ...
The design is made according with the "real" apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.
Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them.

If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…

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© 2012 - 2021 nikneuk
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well sofa space is 100% sure paralel with the tv but this so cool!!
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yes i realised then. i just find it really unpractical as u see in my second replied. Just devianart didnt allow me to delete the comment lol
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Don't try to find much logic to this....

With this project I try to represent those fictional spaces as real houses, not to draw them as the sets that they really are.

The "reality" is distorted in these sets to favor the recordings, especially in sitcoms that are recorded with the public and therefore must be ... open as if it were a stage set.

The protagonists act as if they were watching a TV but in reality they don't (our minds complet the effect).

A good example is this zenithal image from the "Friends" set that shows the true orientation of the furniture:

Virtually all sets are trapeziodal, wider at the front than at the bottom to give amplitude to the audience and room for camera movements.

When we see the protagonists look straight at the television they don't really do it since they are a little turned towards the public and towards the cameras.

For this reason it is common to receive the comment of "Your plan is wrong because the sofa is right in front of the TV."

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haha yeah i bet you get taht a lot :)

ur doing a great job. keep it up

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forget that... i just never noticed just how unpractical and silly thr positioning of the sofa to the tv really is in the show lol no wonder why sheldon is so specific with his seat.

I wanted to delete that comment but drvianart of course has problems and doesnt allow me anymore

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omg yesss ♡♡

It's off. The sofa (and corridor to the bedrooms) is more towards the right from where they are currently. From the apartment door, you can easily see to the corridor, but in the drawing, it would be awkward.

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You are free to make your own layout according to your perception of the spaces... 
Good job ! :D (Big Grin) 

The south wall of sheldon and Leonard living room as a window as explained by the character but never seen. In the pilot for example 7:50 Sheldon explains to Penny the reason for is spot on the couch.…

and again in season 3 ep 22 --4:40 in a flashback were Sheldon explain for the first time to Leonard his spot. He does not say the window but mentions a cross brees witch suggest the window on the south wall.… :Penny talks about the spot and mentions the window on the south wall.
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"The Big Bang Theory" is a sitcom and therefore a kind of theatrical representation.
The front part does not exist so that the audience can attend the theatrical performance that happens on the set/stage.
We know there is a wall in front of the desks and we assume that it is there even if we do not see it. It is a convention.
But sometimes this "fourth wall" has been seen in some shoots and in none of these sequences does a window appear on that wall.
Not on Sheldon's desk, not on Leonard's desk and of course not in the bookstore after TV.
Neither over Sheldon's desk, nor over Leonard's desk and of course not in the bookstore behind the TV.
So that window to which they refer can not be other than that (as in Penny's apartment) is on the wall of the kitchen to the right of the sink.
What's more, in both apartments it looks like an interior window (you can see bricks in the background) in a kind of patio or ventilation shaft.
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Leonards room should be close to Sheldons room, as they speak through the wall with each other... In the last two seasons there were also scenes in the hall, where is shown, that the doors are next to each other. Other than that, it's on point. :) Great work!
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The bedroom doors NEVER appear one next to the other. They are always at a 90º angle.
(Sometimes it changes the space between both but ALWAYS they are at an angle)
I challenge you to show me a chapter in which they appear in parallel.
In this layout both bedrooms share a piece of wall so it is perfectly viable for Sheldon to touch that part of the wall in his bedroom to communicate with Leonard.
(In those scenes we never see Sheldon, we only hear the sound of his tapping.)
The fact that you have deduced that he does it without moving from his bed doesn't mean that it is that way..

asi es como dices pero en la temporada 3 (capitulo donde entran a robar al departamento) Sheldons esta asustado en su habitación el sale por la ventana y se va por la cornisa al dormitorio de Leonards y en la escena que muestran están casi al lado (seran de 2 a 3 metros) pero viendo el plano que dibujas seria imposible que así estubiesen, te felicito.

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En realidad esa escena sólo demuestra que hay una cornisa que recorre el edificio de ventana a ventana.

En ningún momento vemos el recorrido completo (tan sólo a Sheldon saliendo por su ventana y en un cambio de plano entrando por la de Leonard) así que tranquilamente puede haber una cornisa en forma de "L" que sigue el contorno de la fachada.

El hecho de que pienses que la cornisa es recta y que las ventanas están en paralelo es un constructo de tu mente.

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Wow, this is great!
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Thank you very much.
I'm glad you like it.
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You're welcome!
You should draw the Forman's house from That 70's Show. It'd be really cool!
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Odd building, but a very cool drawing!
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I'd love someday to see on the show if there is also an apartment C and D whose doors are located to the south of the stairs. ^_^
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I don't know if they will ever appear. Or even if they... "exist".
I simply deduced its existence thinking about the number of floors and after see the number of mailboxes on the portal.…
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Since I posted that comment, tI have seen an episode (Only one) where they turn the camera that direction. Unfortunately I wasn't watching closely, and though I'm pretty sure there was at least one door in the shot, I could have been seeing movement  in my peripheral vision instead of a door.

If I ever see it, or find out which ep it was, I'll be sure to let you know.
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Sheldons Bed is at the wrong place. It's opposite the door.
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