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House of The Simpsons - Poster version

By nikneuk
These are the floorplans of the Simpson family house from the TV series "The Simpsons".
It's an original hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pens and with full details of furniture and complements ...
Obviously an animated series is not the better example in terms of coherence in the design of the sets and backgrounds so, be comprehensive.
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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Cool! Allowing for the frequent inconsistencies in the show, this does still put the general idea into perspective!
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Coincidentally a few days ago I saw an episode (S28E15 "Kamp Krustier") in which a new location of the toilet on the ground floor is shown.
Maybe it's time to update the floorplan.
Until they make another change ...
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Really great job on this, it must have taken a fair bit of research to put together, and they do like to change things around every so often.

I've been catching up on more recent Simpsons series' that I've missed, and by Season 26's Opposites A-Frack the room under the stairs/landing seems to have become the downstairs toilet, and in Season 27's Orange is the New Yellow, there is a pantry next to the kitchen where the bathroom is currently located on your plan.

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And in the episode "Kamp Krustier" (S28E15) finally we can see the bathroom on the ground floor, located just in front of the pantry (where I drew the bathroom).
The houses in the animation series are nonsense and they usually change places according to the needs of the script, but I think that later I will make an updated version of this floorplan to include these new elements.
Hoping they don't change them again ...
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Haha, I wouldn't count on it; I think the house exists in a constant state of flux like it's stuck between dimensions! 😂

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Maggies Room and The Upstairs Bathroom often change places during seasons and episodes to suit the joke or scene.
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Not only Maggie's bedroom and the bathroom also Bart and Lisa's bedrooms.
Even Ned Flander's house changes its positiom.
Not to mention the door in the entrance; sometimes a wardrobe, sometimes an storegae room full of shelves and sometimes the staircase to the basement.
Yes, a total nonsense...
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Why didn't you just use markers and highlighters. Or you could have scanned in the line work and do the rest in photoshop. Maybe The Simpsons should move or build a new house
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In the pics by The Fear (Paheal rule34) the pictures on the walls were the Simpsons having sex (based on pics also by The Fear).
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looks good but idk this feels alittle much 2 living rooms 2 dining areas 3 bathrooms?
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In fact they have three living rooms.
Two of them connected in the left side of the house and a rumpus room in the upper right side pf the floorplan.
But I'm not responsible for those decisions, I just draw what I see...
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ok good to know i been trying a sims simpsons home bulid ^^'
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I like your floorplan, It`s Really Cool
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They once build a real house based on the one from the show as part of a contest. It looked a lot like your design. I'm sure the architects had to do a similar amount of creative interpretation. Nice work. 
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For a completely dysfunction family, they sure can own a very nice home. :) I gotta say, you did an amazing job on capturing the entire household of rooms in the Simpsons famous home.

While I have to say, it truly is well drawn and stays true to the design of the house despite the show being slightly inconsistence at times.
And I should say that your other drawings of the houses are fairly well drawn too.

Hope that you enjoy making these maps, as they're really beautiful.
Maybe someday, you could try another cartoon home to map, like SpongeBob's Pinapple house. True the show itself is quite more inconsistence then the Simpsons, but maybe it could be done. But, it's your choice. ;)

Hope you have a great day!
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Yeah, in the DVD commentaries they joke a lot about how Homer could NEVER afford a house this nice.
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Yeah, that is true. But where else could they live? In a shack? XD that wouldn't be a good setting.

Still, love your floor plans of the house and you did place alot of efforts. :D
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I love this so much! 😄😆 this is just beautiful made, and you have used lovely colors! Great work! 👍😊
Are you aware that someone was using and profiting from your work on They took this image, scaled it up to poster size, and sold them for $24 a pop!  Signature has been removed through Photoshop. 

I was duped by this and I am demanding a refund because when I received the poster they literally just copy and pasted the image Scaled it up in Photoshop and it resulted in a horrible quality print. I'm in the process of getting my money back and reporting fraud to the company.

Me being an artist myself, I think it would be a good idea for the original artist to bring it to their attention. In the future, it's always a good idea to put a strong watermark on your work unless thieves will take advantage and profit.

The campaign has ended, but was advertised on Facebook as "Limited Edition Simpsons Floorplans" you can even cite my order number which is #57534ad3b5cf673103f1d4f8. 
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holy shit dats some detail
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Three living rooms? whoa, they sure take their tv time seriously.
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