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House of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore - Floorplans

By nikneuk
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These floorplans are based in the house of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from the TV series GILMORE GIRLS.
It's an original hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pens and with full details of furniture and complements ...
The design is made according with the "real" apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.
Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them.
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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Except the bottom floor bathroom randomly turns into a closet partway through season 1 and the upstairs having a second bedroom doesn't make sense given the TV show. In real life, it makes perfect sense though. You did an excellent job!
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In fact there was no bathroom on the ground floor.
That floor was a full and practical set and in the middle was an empty hallway to go to the bottom of the soundstage.
They filmed a couple of scenes of someone opening the door and taking a coaut or something, but, due to the camera angle, we never saw what is behind that door... cause there was nothing.
But a bathroom in the ground floor was totally logic so I added it including a wardrobe in front of the door to explain those scenes.
In the first episodes we can see Lorelais bedroom just above the living room (and in the makeover scenes we also can see a big hole in the facade showing the location of this bedroom) so I draw it.
In the last season they made a makeover creating a new bedroom, preceded by a long hallway and with a big ensuite bathroom.
So i draw it too.
I only draw what I see...
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This is great. I was just reading about the Gilmore Girls house at Hooked on Houses. And, she asked, why does Rory sleep downstairs, when there must be at least two bedrooms upstairs? [Too full of 'stuff', as George Carlin would say?]

A guess is that Rory's bedroom would have been the pantry, close to a 3 piece bath under the stairs, next to a hall closet. While upstairs has 1 main bedroom, with 2 or 3 very small bedrooms, and only one 4 piece bath [pre-Luke's reno]. I've seen this in a few century homes. But, as you say, who knows? After all, it's a set.…
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This happens a lot of times in many series.
Screenwriters and producers write some scripts, a story line and they plan some settings and build the necessary sets.
In the case of "Gilmore Girls" firsts seasons the use basically the main set (the whole ground floor built entirely in a set) and only very few tiems we see Lorelai's bedroom.
But if the show is succesful they add new characters, new storylines and they need new backgrounds to develop these storys.
So then they built new sets but (and this is unfortunately quite common) they don't seem to take seriously the coherence.
And the result is, by example, the renovation of the upper floor with a new set with an absurdily long hallway and a new bedroom with an ensuite bedroom placed where some season ago there was... nothing.
But I'm not responsible for these designs, just limit myself to draw what I see.
Is nice to find a fan of the show who understand these inconsistencies and accept all the contradictions.
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Lovely work in all these house plans - Carrie Bradshow's and Ted Mosby's in particular are super accurate and really cool. That said, I still have many reserves on Gilmore Girls, which is my favourite show. I appreciate that it doesn't make any sense having the first floor smaller than the ground floor when it looks fairly "complete" from the outside, but it makes even less sense to have a second bedroom upstairs. Every single guest that stayed at the Gilmore's house slept on the sofa, not to mention why Rory would stay in the small room downstairs, or when Chris moves in with Gigi why they would insist on using that room. I always just thought that the first floor was a whole lot of unused (or misused) space. Also, as many are saying, there is a fairly important (plot-wise) closet downstairs in place of the bathroom. So maybe (I'll venture a guess) there are two bathrooms upstairs? One in Lorelai's room post-renovation and one down the corridor, that Rory uses. That would make much more sense under every aspect. 
I appreciate that it is really difficult figuring out the proper plan, though, TV shows sometimes make so little sense!
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As you can read in some blogs the first floor was entirely built on a soundstage as a "real" house.
The only fake place was the bathroom between the kitchen and the living room.
In the set this was an empty space, used as a corridor to the backside of the soundstage.
In some episodes this space appears as a closet in a real house should have a toilet on the ground floor.
Can you imagine the guest or even Rory going upstairs to make pee?
To combine "reality" and logic I place a bathroom with a wardrobe just in front of the door so that scenes with Rory taking some clothing would be possible.
The upper floor is a nonsense...
In one of the first episodes (the pilot, the second or the third one) Rory wakes her mother, she leaves her room and goes to a bathroom next to the stairs.
So, according to that episode, there is not an ensuite bathroom in Lorelai's bedroom.
Also and curiously, according to that episode, there is no option for more rooms in that floor.
So, if you see any view of the outside of the house the first thought is, where is the rest of the house? What a waste of space!
The answer is easy: That scene was filmed in other set, maybe a real house or the (recycled) set of other movie/show.
In one of the last seasons they build a new bedroom and a new bathroom with a loooooong hallway.
Obviously this new bedroom was built in a different zone of the house, not in the same place of the old bedroom.
So I imagined that they decided to open the unused or blinded part of the upper floor to place there the new bedroom locating the new bathroom where the old bathroom (the one you can see in those first episodes).
Probably If I had drawn only old bedroom, as it appears in the first episodes someone ask, Where is the new bedroom and the ensuite bathroom?
If I had drawn only new bedroom with the enssuite bathroom, as it appears in the last episodes someone ask, Where is the old bedroom?
It would be easier to drawn only one of the two options (the result would be an upper floor with a lot of wasted space, but coherent) but many fans would be disappointed.
I know it seems a little weird, especially that long corridor, but I'm not the designer of the sets.
I only draw what I see... 
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I love that you drew the floor plan for the Gilmore Girls house! It has always been one of my favorite homes from television and has been my inspiration in looking for my own home. Is there any way you could draw up Nick and Juliette's house from Grimm? It is so gorgeous! I'd appreciate it so much!!
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I am an architect in the making, and this is great work!
nikneuk's avatar
Oh, thanks !!!
This is a great compliment, because it comes from a future architect.
Usually I receive complaints from architects who consider it too... Childish.
Accustomed to Autocad and technic minimalist layouts this drawings are too colourful and cozy for they.
But they are made for fans and non-proffesionals.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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Beautifully done. ^^ Every few years I always come back to trying to figure out a proper blueprint for this house, and seeing it done this way really does it justice.

I see you even made it into an online article on a Gilmore News site for the design. Nice!
nikneuk's avatar
Thanks for your message and sorry for the delay in the answer.
The ground floor is consistent and coherent but the upper floor was complicated.
The master bedroom appears with a completely different shape in the first seasons and after the makeover of the last seasons.
But I tried to represent both in one single layout.
I'm glad you like it.
You are one of the few fans of the series leaving a message without complaints.
Best regards and Happy New Year.
seiko's avatar
No worries for the delay. We all get busy. ^^

I'm not sure why anyone would complain. I read some of the comments and it made me wonder how much people really paid attention to the series. Actually, I think you did a fair (brilliant, actually) job representing the home.

The first season has the main floor bathroom that later magically becomes a closet (where did the bathroom go?), and Lorelai's original bedroom was at the very top of the stairs pre-Luke's reno--after which it appears around the stairs at the other side of the house back towards where the bathroom was berfore--and they never seem to speak of having another bedroom despite Lorelai's original room now being empty or the solid wall in the foyer that became an open archway (when the piano disappeared). Even the home's kitchen and side door entrances had some inconsistencies in a couple scenes. Despite some of the blueprint flaws (which weren't nearly as bad as the house in Roseanne, which I firmly believe defies all logic) I'm completely in love with the house itself. So seeing your version of it, as well thought out in such a way, was really wonderful. At least with your layout it's possible to build a rather respectable replica. If anything, people should applaud your effort, not knock it in any way.

Happy new year, and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday.
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I use this for The Sims 3, it's wonderful :D
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Thank you! This is amazing! I was just thinking of making the Gilmore house in sims, and this will make it so much easier! Also, Im assuming the upstairs plan is after the remodel in season 6, and re the downstairs bathroom I remember reading somewhere that it was a closet early on, then they changed it to a bathroom. Great work :)
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When I started the making of this floorplan my first option it was to be 100 X 100 loyal to the set.
But then appears some doubts:
The easiest option was to draw the first floor in its original state.
Lorelai's bedroom, the stairs and a bathroom. Nothing more.
But what then happens to the rest of the floor ???
From the outside we see some windows above Rory's bedroom...
Also if had done like this some people would say m "what about the bedroom after the makeover ???
In fact one customer who has bought a handmade original through my Etsy store wants the floorplans in his original distribution and I'v draw it...
But, what happens after the makeover ???
The bathroom in the upper floor dissappears and now we have one ensuite bathroom in Lorelai's new bedroom.
When Rory or one guest needs to make pee do she have to go to Lorelai's bedroom ???
That's no logic...
My idea with these floorplan was to represent these houses as "real" houses.
I don't want to draw... the sets.
And sometimes is necessary to apply little changes to fit everything...
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You rock! This is my dream floor plan
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I'm glad you liked it...
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The bathroom on the ground floor don't make sens from the plot's point of view. Kirk, Independent Inn's guests etc all use bathroom upstairs. And in more then one episode closet in this place is visible (ex. s01e17 03:38)
But other then this great work and great idea.
Especially with Carrie's apartment.
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
I was going to say the same thing. The closet where they hid their ex's stuff, the sheets, andd the Bop-it  is missing. And they only had two bedrooms. Luke just made Lorelai's bedroom and the master bathroom ("the good bathroom") larger. 
nikneuk's avatar
You are right, in part...
In the second episode of the first season Rory awakes her mother and she goes from her bedroom to the bathroom...
And aparently there it's nothing more in that floor...
Something completely absurd seeing the "theoretical" exterior of the building...
The entire first floor of the home is built to scale in a studio but the first floorplan sceens were filmed in removable sets.
In the place wher I placed the bathroom of the ground flour there was nothing, only a hallway to comunicate withe the backside of the soundstage.
But mi idea was make this floorplan as "real houses", not as studio sets.
So I prefer to draw a bathroom here instead an empty space to... nowhere.
My logic says that this house deserves a bathroom in the ground floor to Rory and the guest.
The bathroom of the first floor is not enough.
Especially when in theory disappears after the makeover and the common bathroom is now an ensuite bathroom.
Do you will purchase a house with only an ensuite bathroom and nothing in the ground floor ???
When Lorelai's bedroom appears for the first time in the episode 1X02 apparently the first fllorplan only contains her bedroom at one side (above the living room) and a bathroom in the other side.
But, what happens with all the rest of the space in this floor above kitchen and Rory's bedroom ???
In fact an image of the other side of the fake building was shown to situate the action in Lorelai's bedroom:
But this side of the building creates contradictions with the distribution of the sets.
In fact this image situates the bedroom in the backside but in the episode 6.02 we can see Lorelai's bedroom in a travelling through a big hole in the wall.
So the windows in Lorelai's bedroom are placed looking to this side of the house.
Three windows in a flat wall, another contradiction.
In the epissode 6.06 we attend to the makeover and in the next episodes the new bedroom is presented.
In theory this new bedroom is situated in the same place as the old one but the access to this new bedroom it's through a long corridor wich creates another contradiction with the situation of the stairs.
So finally I decided to make my own theory:
The old bedroom was reconstructed and used now as guest bedroom. The new bedroom was created in the unused space above kitchen and Rory's bedroom extending the original bathroom on upper floor to create the ensuite bathroom.
I adapted the stairs to fit the old bedroom with the ground floor and to create a long corridor to the new bedroom.
I don't know why (maybe cause all these changes creates confussion) but the producers never shows the upper part of the exterior of the house in the rest of episodes.
They was an easiest option to my:
I can make a floorplan of the upper floor with only the bedroom from the first episodes.
But many fans will say: What is happens with the new bedroom of the final episodes ???
And I can make a floorplan of the upper floor with only the new bedroom from the last episodes.
But many fans will say: What happens with the old bedroom ???
And also I can draw an empty space where the bathroom of the ground floor was placed, but the house will be... incomplete.
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The bathroom on the ground floor don't make sens from the plot's point of view. Kirk, Independent Inn's guests etc all use bathroom upstairs. And in more then one episode closet in this place is visible (ex. s01e17 03:38)
But other then this great work and great idea.
Especially with Carrie's apartment.
caseymonahan's avatar
Will you be selling a copy of this?! I would LOVE to buy it!
Lainwen's avatar
This is really good, great work really!
But I don't understand: are there stairs on the back? And where do they lead?
nikneuk's avatar
Thank you very much...
Seeing pictures of the exterior of the house they are visible some windows in the lower part so (theorically) the house has a basement...
It was impossible to fit an access to this basement inside the house
So I placed the entrance to the basement from the rear side of the house and fit the proportions of the distribution with the entry dor and veranda of the kitchen...
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