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Floorplan of Dexter Morgan's Apartment v.2

This is the apartment of Dexter Morgan from the series "DEXTER".
Note 1: The biggest problem with this design has been the bathroom.
The whole set of Dexter (both inside and outside) was built entirely on a soundstage from the first episode.
However the bathroom never appeared except in the eposide in wich Dexter climbs to the window of the bathroom to enter in his house.
But in this sequence only this window and a part of the bathtub was shown.
In the beginning of the 6th season the bathroom appears a little bit more (when Dexter gives a bath to his child) but nor completely.
And in fact the modification of the apartment (adding an entry to the other apartment) has changed the shape of this zone.
I based the bathroom in this image:
This is a production piture of the set as it was designed and constructed from the beggining but never used completely.
Note 2: If you see the exterior of the real apartment (in 1155-103rd Street - Bay Harbor Islands - Miami) you can count 4 glass "segments" to the right of the entry door.
But if you see the series or a picture of the exterior set built in the soundstage you can count 5 segments.
The designer probably make this change to make a bigger interior.
And I drawn the floorplan with this proportions.
Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them.
This is a hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pencils and with full details of furniture, fabric, timbers and complements…
The design is made according with the “real” apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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A bathroom with two doors it's been always weird to me: you've got to lock two doors, instead of just one, to feel free and have a shower etc.

You abstract this from the series? It's cool, very smart! Not easy, indeed, even when you're inside an apartment, to guess its shape. Well done!
nikneuk's avatar
I think it's not that weird...
A bathroom with two doors in an apartment has double use:
- It becomes an ensuite bathroom with direct access from the master bedroom.
- Double its function as a guest bathroom.
Without one of those doors you would have to do without one of those options...…
Hirpina81's avatar
Sorry, but I still think a visit wouldn't be so pleasant, from someone entering one or other door. You must lock them both, to feel Ok. Because there's a key on each of them, isn't it? ^_^
nikneuk's avatar
I guess...
I never lived in a house with a bathrrom with two doors but apparently is very common, especially in the USA.
In fact that kind of bathroom has a name: Jack & Jill bathrooms.
Hirpina81's avatar
Jack and Jill? Cute! :-)

I know that in some families and houses bathrooms have no key. I find it a real nightmare. And if there are two doors, the nightmare is double!

You're in a private moment, and here they come two people. Hello, there! I'm busy, but if we want to have a chat... :-p
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Great idea, one old book I read had the floor plans for Sherlock Holmes Baker street apartment, the author got ideas from a 19thC posh boarding house he visited.
twistedtraceur's avatar
how does he do his laundry?
nikneuk's avatar
I don't know exactly...
Do you remember any episode where he did the laundry ???
Maybe the building in which he live has a laundry (as in "The Big Bang Theory") or maybe he go to a laundromat in his neighborhood.
If you wonder about the clothing contaminated committing crimes I will surely burn it or something like this to erase the traces.
Kelaos's avatar
In season 1 I thought they used the actual apartment in Miami but then moved to a soundstage because filming in Miami is ridiculously expensive?
nikneuk's avatar
I'm not sure...
The interior (and exterior veranda of the apartment) was built since the first day in a soundstage.
Obviously they filmed some outdoor scenes in the real condo, but very few times...
Also, as you can read in some websites, the real apartment is not empty and somebody lives there.
So I think that they never used the real place as a set, aconditioning the interior and then duplicating the interior in the soundstage.
Maybe they filmed the main titles in the real condo, but I'm not shure...
It's very easy to recognize if one veranda scene was filmed in the real apartment or in the soundstage set.
The real apartmernt has 4 window sections to the right of the entry door:
The designers, to make the apartment bigger add one more and the soundstage version has 5 window sections:
Have you noticed this designer's trick ???
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have you ever considered doing Deb's apartment? If its possible?
nikneuk's avatar
I don't know if Deb's apartment has appeared compeltely through the different seasons.
Right now I have a lot of work and I stalled the creation of new planes.
I hope to return soon with news ...
And I think there are many series that deserve priority rather than get involved with the homes of the secondary characters.
But thank you very much for your suggestion.
Kind regards.
herbalmoon's avatar
I love this one, too. It's impressive!
nikneuk's avatar
Thank you very much.
sammyag's avatar
Just ordered the digital one from Scubbly
Does it happen that you know the exact metric sizes for the appartment?
Surface? Metric unit?
Thanking you
nikneuk's avatar
I made the floorplans in escale but the scale is different in each floorplans.
My scanner is a normal multifunction and I can only make florplansin DIN-A4 or DIN-A3 so I adapt the scale to the sheet that I use...
Is not the same scale for a tiny apartment as the "Seinfeld" than to a big house as the Charlie Harper's from "Two and A Half Men"...
sammyag's avatar
Thank you for the clarifications.
I'm actually thinking about the possibility of implementing a downsized version of this plan.
Your work is already a big step forward. It will undoubtedly be of a great deal of help.

Thanking you again
Yours, Respectfully

sammyag's avatar
Is it possible to get the floorplan in digital format
(6264×5328, 12,1 MB) ??
I mean, do you propose it for downloading?
nikneuk's avatar
Thank you very much...
You have the files of the scans avalaible on Scubbly:
And you can order an original handmade drawings in Etsy:
Thank you! <3 Your plans are really amazing
nikneuk's avatar
Thank you very much...
I'm glad you liked it...
This is amazing!
nikneuk's avatar
Zuzullo's avatar this handmade or digital?
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