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FRIENDS Apartment's Floorplans - New Version

By nikneuk

This handmade floorplan represents the apartments of Monica-Rachel and Chandler-Joey from the TV show "FRIENDS". 
Is an original hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pens and with full details of furniture and complements ... 
The design is made according with the "real" apartments respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio. 
Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them. 
In this second version I've adjusted some dimensions, the bathroom in boys apartment and several furniture elements.
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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© 2015 - 2021 nikneuk
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is there a way to buy a digital copy of this?

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First of all, thank you very much for yor interest.

Some time ago I had the original files available for digital downloads.

But after having some negative experiences with some clients, I decided not to make them available again.

Best regards.


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im an architecture student and i must say its amaaasing what you are doing. Its so fun and cool. Great job! I love seeing your work.
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Is there an estimation of the square footage of each?
I ask because a good friend is from NYC and he said that the apartments in the show are unrealistically large for the Village - unless they have ridiculously expensive rent.
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All of these you make are amazing!
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Thank you very much.

I'm glad you like them.

This is awesome... Do you have a central perk one?
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Not yet.
But is in my list of projects and I want to make it along with Phoebe's apartment.
I only need time...
Definitely let me know when you do :)
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I've never figured out the exterior shots of the windows. Their large window is clearly sloped but exteriors don't reflect that. And also the stone (?) balcony is cast iron railing in the exteriors.
Bonjour, vendez vous ces créations?
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It's a common mistake in sitcoms.
They choose the exterior of a real building and then built a set in a soundstage and usually they don't match.
"Friends", "The Big Bang Theory", "Frasier", etc...
But it could be worse as in "Family Matters" or "Full House" with a veeery wide interiors for a veeery narrow exteriors...
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OH MY GOD! It's awelsome!
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Great stuff! It's awesome to see these laid out all properly like this. And also very strange, because it showcases the weirdness of the "Friends" set- Joey & Chandler are on the same floor, but don't have a "mirrored" apartment- it's noticeably smaller. Is that a common thing in New York? I assume the show's directors didn't want to just "flip" the plan around (because that'd be boring on television), but it's still very strange.
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But is very common in a show.
Basically Monica and Rachel's apartment is the main set, where it happens almost everything and the aprtment of the boys is... a secondary set.
The same thing happens in other sitcoms as "The Big Bnag Theory". The apartment of the boys is the main set and Penny's apartment (with only one bedroom) is also a secondary set.
Yep- I think a lot of shows do things like that. I wonder how often buildings are like that in other cities- in my experience, every suite on one floor in a building is pretty much the same.
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Not necessarily, you could have many way of partitioning floors:
* one small and one big apartment
* two identical but mirrored apartments
* three apartments with two mirrored (left and right) and one facing the stairs.
* more apartment on the same floor (identical, mirrored or not)

What bother me is the strange design of the building that is implied. It make no sense
LOL- yes, apartment floor plans on TV are strange for that. Like the Frasier set, which has all of these diagonal spaces and rooms sticking out all over the place. What on Earth does the apartment building look like? And how many suites per floor? 

One thing I find funny is that these apartments are ENORMOUS... yet all of them still have tiny kitchens. Frasier's kitchen is one of the tiniest I've ever seen on TV, because it has walls all around it- it's only ever used for "intimidate" scenes. On Friends, their kitchens are still tiny, but at least part of the "open floor plan" so it isn't all squished in. Still very weird- you'd think they'd have more room for a kitchen in such a giant place!
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