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Breakfast at Tiffany's Apartment floorplan Poster

This is the floorplan of Holly Golightly's apartment form "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in an ornated poster version.
Almost an empty house, with a few furnitures and all the space for the parties...
I included some iconic elements as:
- The half-bathtub sofa.
- The black phone in top of the suitcase.
- The turntable-suitcase and other luggage.
- Her mask with eyelashes near the bed.
- The piñata-bull and the blue stuffed pony in her bedroom.
- The red blanket from Harvard in the bed.
- The suitcases of paul Varjak (George Peppard) in the door.
- The guitar near to the window of the fire escape staircase...
Hope you like it...
It's an original hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pens and with full details of furniture and complements ...
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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Your idea of the floorplans is so nice and creative! I just love Holly's apartment (that sofa!). BTW, are you an architect?
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I'm glad you like my drawings...
And yes, that sofa... Coincidentally a couple of days ago I discovered in a blog an enterprise which sold this kind of sofa/bath-tubs:…
And no, I'm not an architect. I'm a professional interior designer.
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Ahhh, how nice they are!
Well, I asked because I have interest in this area but I still can't make up my mind about following this career.
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very beautiful
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